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01 May 2006

Vleeptron's embarras de richesse: I Love My Love with an L

Copyright © 2006 by Uwe Bressem,
All Rights Reserved.

Vleeptron has no right to all these recent original works from authentically gifted visual artists, but we're getting them anyway, and are pleased as punch. Back a few posts was I Love My Love with an M, so the next available stamp for your imagination is N. Don't forget a Monster.


Blogger dusty said...

That is very cool..and I do like this blog..I linked ya..

have a great week..and contact your local asshat congressman about the Internet Restriction Bill please.. :)

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Everybody click on the cat, then click on the cat again when it says View Full Size.

I contacted my asshat US Representative (Rubber Richie Neal) about this last week.

Everybody else check this out, it's important, we'll all be sorry if we don't win this thing:

Thanks for linkin' to Vleeptron. Vleeptron is having pathetic PEBKAC issues trying to post links, but I like yours a lot and will post a link to it when I solve my PEBKAC issues.

Your post about the raptor cams -- bald eagles, peregrine falcons, owls -- is gorgeous, first read dusty's writeup on her blog "moments in time"

then click on these cams of these magnificent birds.


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