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05 May 2006

Vleeptron Public Apology

Vleeptron wishes to sincerely apologize for pulling that old stunt of trying to get more hit traffic by screaming VIRGINS!!! VIRGINS!!! as loud as we can in the Subject window of the previous post.

Long-time Vleeptroids may recall that when they clicked on one of these lurid promises from about a year ago, usually what they got were lengthy Public Health documents from the World Health Organization or the Canadian Surgeon General, with few or no images.

Vleeptron is not exactly lying.

Vleeptron is not exactly telling the truth.

In any case, Vleeptron apologizes to everyone in both Galaxies for any misunderstanding or disappointment, and particularly to one irate e-mailer, Alvin N. of Bowling Green University, Arkansas USA, and wishes you better luck in your future surfing and blog-searching.


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