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05 May 2006


ROLE MODEL: Blogger Li Li reclines at a Beijing club (Anais Martaine for Time)

When a Male Human anywhere on Earth decides to start a Big Revolution, he immediately begins acquiring firearms and high explosives.

Sometimes, if the neighborhood is real lucky, he only wants a Velvet Revolution, in which case he begins acquiring photocopy machines or a computer with Internet and e-mail.

When a Female Human anywhere on Earth decides to start a Big Revolution, she immediately begins to remove her clothes and invite a few people she isn't married to into her bedroom.

This cannot possibly be an Original Thought, but if it is:

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for Thinking Original Thoughts,
All Rights Reserved

Vleeptron is so fucking disgusted with and so fucking tired of China's War Against Its 1,313,973,713 (July 2006 estimate) Trapped and Imprisoned Human Beings, China's War Against Freedom and Democracy, China's War Against Human Rights and Human Dignity, that Vleeptron is thrilled to hear about ANY fucking Revolution in China.

And that's what's happenin' in China Right Now:

A Fucking Revolution.

Vleeptron is unhappy to report that it has failed to find an image of the Erotic Butterfly. Any assistance -- including your original artwork -- will be deeply appreciated.

Meanwhile you will have to settle for this foto of Mu Zumei
木子美 in a club in Beijing, smokin' a cigarette. Or something.

Mao Zedong -- that dead old guy is soooooooooo 1976.

Zumei -- now SHE is One Hot Now Revolutionary Babe!

And does her Revolution come out of the barrel of a gun? Fuck no!

China is being rocked to the very core of its foundations from the pages of Mu Zumei's BLOG!!!

(Please note that Vleeptron is a BLOG!!!)

Ghengis Khan got over, under, around and through The Great Wall of China.

On her blog, Mu Zumei says:

Fuck The Great Firewall
of China.



There is a 3.24 Percent Chance that this link


might be Mu Zumei's notorious host-crashing Sex Podcast!!! And an even slimmer chance that you'll actually be able to hear it!

When Vleeptron clicked, we briefly saw the QuickTime logo, and that could mean the sucker is trying to make noises!

PLEASE let me know if you get lucky!

~ ~ ~

Time Asia magazine
Sunday 15 January 2006

Letter from Beijing

Sex, please --
we're young and Chinese

A generation after Mao suits, China is
coping with an epidemic of free love


Li Li
李丽 has lost exact count of how many men she has bedded, but she knows the number is far above 100. "I don't keep statistics," says the former journalist, 27. But she isn't averse to kissing and telling.

For the past couple of years, Li has kept a blog -- written under the pen name Muzi Mei -- that has chronicled everything from her penchant for orgies and Internet dating to her skepticism toward marriage when it means staying faithful to one man.

This fall the Beijing resident posted a recording of her own lovemaking sounds that would make Paris Hilton blush. More than 50,000 people simultaneously tried to download the 25-minute podcast, crashing the host server.

Despite government attempts to censor it, the sex diary is so popular that Li's pen name is intermittently the most searched keyword on China's top search engine.

"I express my freedom through sex," says Li, unapologetically. "It's my life, and I can do what I want."

Freedom in the bedroom is a novel concept in China, where for decades communist minders dictated most aspects of people's private lives. Dressed in baggy Mao suits -- hardly outfits to set the pulse racing -- citizens of the People's Republic had to ask permission from local officials on everything from whom to marry to what kind of birth control to use.

But these days many Chinese are walking on the wilder side. Sparked by the easing of government control over individual lifestyle choices and the spread of more permissive, Western attitudes toward sex, Chinese are copulating earlier, more often and with more partners than ever before.

Today 70% of Beijing residents say they have had sexual relations before marriage, compared with just 15.5% in 1989, according to Li Yinhe, a sociologist at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. A survey taken last January of seven major Chinese cities found that among those 14 to 20, the average age of first sexual experience was 17.4, while those 31 to 40 had lost their virginity much later, at 24.1 years old.

Says Fu Zhen, 28, a teacher in Shanghai: "My parents' only entertainment came from revolutionary movies, so they were very conservative about sex. My generation, we see everything from everywhere, and we are hungry for new experiences." As if to underline the point, Fu has adopted the nickname Carrie -- as in Bradshaw, of Sex and the City.

All this hanky-panky is spawning new industries. Lingerie boutiques are proliferating in the big cities, and last November's Sex Culture Festival in the southern city of Guangzhou attracted more than 50,000 people eager to procure the very latest in adult toys -- 70% of which are now manufactured in China. One of the most popular? The "erotic butterfly," specially designed for women.

But China's sexual revolution has also brought unpleasant side effects. Although sex education is supposedly mandatory in Chinese middle schools, "many older teachers are too embarrassed, so they tear out the pages about sex from the textbooks," says Hu Peicheng, secretary-general of the China Sexology Association in Beijing.

With little knowledge of birth control, an increasing number of unmarried women are getting pregnant in a culture in which single motherhood is still taboo. A survey by Shanghai medical researcher Yan Fengting found that 65% of urban women undergoing abortions in 2004 were single, compared with just 25% in 1999.

Rates of sexually transmitted diseases are skyrocketing too, with HIV infections growing most quickly among Chinese 15 to 24 years old. Brothels barely disguised as beauty salons crowd the streets of China's big cities, while certain suburbs are known as "concubine villages" because of their high concentration of mistresses.

Those extra temptations -- which the communists largely eradicated after taking power in 1949 -- have wreaked havoc on marriages, with 1.6 million Chinese couples divorcing in 2004, a 21% rise from the year before, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. "Before in society, we had a sense of right and wrong," says the China Sexology Association's Hu. "Now, we can do whatever we want. But do we have any moral standards left?"

Younger Chinese aren't too concerned. A poll by a Beijing magazine found that one-third of Chinese under the age of 26 had no problem with extramarital affairs. In a country where there's little political autonomy for young people, at least there's plenty of free love. "Maybe in the past, everyone was obedient and listened to the old grannies who lectured on who you could have sex with and in what position," says blogger Li. "But we don't have time to listen. We're too busy having sex."

Copyright © 2006 Time Inc. All rights reserved.


Blogger Jim Olson said... to see it. Its a fairly dull interview with a really interesting girl who clearly is "liberated" and knows it. She was very articulate, her interviewer was a dud of an englishman who spoke badly accented cantonese.

They did not have sex, at least on camera.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

grrrrr u did it to me again ... the hottest thing on the planet, and you see it, and i can't.

this whole thing shows that in the struggle between totalitarian authorities who believe they can control all thought and communication of their captive people, vs. the people themselves -- the people will always find ways to express themselves free of their oppressors' best efforts.

when u leave for Oxford? (i'm a Cambridge fan meself ... so you're a Royalist Cavalier, and I'm a Parliament Roundhead).

Blogger Hopesome said...

yes ,it is a video interview. You may watch it on YouTube or Revver by searching "Muzi Mei" or, just add a video player to your blog.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Hsieh-hsieh thank you Hopesome! I will redouble my efforts to see the Muzi Mei podcast!
Everybody check out hopesome's website. It helps if you read Chinese -- but there's stuff in there that's quite interesting and entertaining if you don't.

Blogger Jim Olson said...

Indeed. I leave for Oxon in 10 days.

I suspect that had I been in Boston on or about July 7th 1776 (it took a couple of days to make it up from Philadelphia) I would have been one of the Tory royalists on the next mail packet back to the UK. One of my ancestors is buried at King's Chapel burying ground, which until the end of 1776 was the Royal peculiar here in Boston...the Monarch (should George or one of his decendants) ever had chosen to visit the Colonies, he would have worshipped at King's Chapel and sat in the Royal Pew. This ancestor of mine was a founding member of the Bank of Boston, and served as Verger of the King's Chapel (when it was still Anglican).

Anonymous Dave Lucas said...

Hey! Found your site while trying to figure out what happened to Mu Mu, as all of her blogs are GONE. Is she still posting??? As for Muzi Mei (Li Li), I have a bunch of her podcasts linked Here and Here, and I am also looking for a translation of the article on Muzi Mei that appeared in the Chinese edition of Rolling Stone magazine!


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