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18 May 2006

We did better than that Deutscheskannibal -- USA! We're Number One!

"Weird Trips No. 2," underground comic book from Kitchen Sink Enterprises. It's so cheap because it's really old (1978); if you want to buy it now, it's going to cost a bit more than one dollar. Artist: William Stout. More comics about Ed on Dr. Glen Johnson's Alfred Hitchcock site from Catholic University of America, Washington DC USA.

There is a rumor that Agence-Vleeptron Presse's Blitzreporting of Armin Meiwes' life sentence was perceived as Deutschland-bashing from America.

A-VP strenuously denies this. A-VP goes where the cannibals are. This one happened to be in Deutschland. Not our fault.

But to make amends and in the spirit of Better World Understanding & Planetary Cannibal-Sharing, A-VP is very Americanly Proud to present ..............


Ed Gein

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Edward Theodore Gein (August 27, 1906 - July 26, 1984), was one of the most notorious murderers in United States history. The particularly bizarre and morbid nature of his crimes shocked the world, even though it may never be known if he committed more than two murders. Besides the death of his brother in 1944 under puzzling circumstances, between 1947 and 1957 six people disappeared from the Wisconsin towns of La Crosse and Plainfield; Gein could be linked to only two. (See below.)


Ed Gein was born to Augusta T. Lehrke (1878 - 1945) and George P. Gein (1873 - 1940) on August 27, 1906, in La Crosse, Wisconsin. His parents, both natives of Wisconsin, had married on July 7, 1900, and their marriage produced both Ed and his older brother, Henry G. Gein (1901 - 1944).

Ed's father was a violent man who was frequently unemployed, usually spending his days brooding on the front porch and consuming liquor. [citation needed] Ed rejected his violent, aimless father, as did his older brother and especially Augusta, who treated him like a nonentity.

Despite her deep contempt for her husband, the atrophic marriage persisted. Divorce was not an option, due to the family's religious beliefs. Augusta operated the small family grocery store and eventually purchased a farm on the outskirts of another small town, Plainfield, which became the Gein family's permanent home.

Augusta decided to move to this desolate location to prevent outsiders from influencing her sons. Gein only left the premises to go to school, and Augusta blocked any attempt he made to pursue friendships. Aside from school, he spent most of his time doing chores on the farm.

Augusta, who was a Lutheran and fanatically religious, drummed into her boys the innate immorality of the world, the evil of drink, and above all that all women (herself excluded) were whores. According to Augusta, the only acceptable form of sex was solely for procreation. She reserved time every afternoon to read to them from the Bible, usually selecting graphic verses from the Old Testament dealing with death, murder and divine retribution. When Gein reached puberty, Augusta became increasingly strict, once dousing him in scalding water after she caught him masturbating in the bathtub. [citation needed]

With a slight growth over one eye and an effeminate demeanor, the young Gein became a target for bullies. He was also notorious for a permanent lopsided grin that was displayed even during serious conversations. Classmates and teachers recall other off-putting mannerisms, such as seemingly random laughter, as if he were laughing at his own personal joke. Despite his poor social development, he managed to do fairly well in school, particularly in reading. Some researchers argued that Gein's dysfunctional childhood experiences were a contributing factor in his later behavior.

Deaths of family members

By the time George Gein died in 1940, Henry had begun to reject Augusta's view of the world. He had even taken to bad-mouthing her within earshot of his mortified brother. In March 1944, the brothers found themselves in the middle of a brush fire on the farm. When Gein ran to get the police, he told them he had lost sight of Henry, but then led them directly to his brother's corpse. Although there was evidence Henry had suffered blunt trauma to the head, police decided he died of asphyxiation while fighting the fire. [citation needed]

On December 29, 1945, Augusta died from a series of strokes, leaving Ed alone on the isolated farmstead.


Police investigating the disappearance of a store clerk, Bernice Worden, in Plainfield on November 17, 1957, suspected Gein to be involved. Upon entering a shed on his property, they made their first horrific discovery of the night: Worden's corpse. She had been decapitated, was hanging upside down by the ankles and had been split open down the torso like a deer. The mutilations had been performed post mortem; she had been killed with a close-range blast from a .22-caliber rifle. [citation needed]

Searching the house, authorities found: [citation needed]

* severed heads acting as bedposts in the bedroom;

* skin used to make lampshades and upholster chair seats;

* skullcaps made into soup bowls;

* a human heart (it is disputed where the heart was found; the deputies' reports all claim that the heart was in a saucepan on the stove, with some crime scene photographers claiming it was in a paper bag);

* a face mask made out of real facial skin found in a paper bag;

* a necklace of human lips;

* a waistcoat, called a "mammary vest," made up of a vagina and breasts;

* and other items fashioned from the parts of human bodies, including a belt made from nipples.

Above all, Gein's most infamous creation was an entire wardrobe fabricated of human skin consisting of leggings, a gutted torso (including breasts) and an array of tanned, dead-skin masks that looked leathery and almost mummified. [citation needed]

Under questioning, Gein eventually admitted that he would dig up the graves of recently buried middle-aged women he thought resembled his mother and take the bodies home, where he tanned their skin to make his macabre possessions. After his mother died, Gein had begun to think often of castration and even considered a sex-change operation, but couldn't afford it. [citation needed]

One writer describes Gein's practice of putting on the tanned skins of women as an "insane transvestite ritual."[1] Gein also participated in a stunted form of necrophilia, achieving sexual pleasure by playing with the mutilated sexual organs of corpses. Gein denied having sex with the bodies he exhumed, explaining, "They smelled too bad." During interrogation, Gein also admitted to the shooting death of Mary Hogan, a local tavern employee who had been missing since 1954.

At some point, Gein decided he wanted a sex change, although it is a matter of some debate whether or not he was transgendered; by most accounts, he created his "woman suit" so he could pretend to be his mother, rather than achieve a change in gender identity. [2]

Harold Schechter, a leading expert on serial killers, wrote a best-selling book about the Gein case called Deviant. In this book, Schechter mentions a tragic footnote: Plainfield sheriff Art Schley physically assaulted Gein during questioning by banging Gein's head and face into a brick wall; because of this, Gein's initial confession was ruled inadmissible. Schley died of a heart attack at the age of 43 shortly before Gein's trial. Many who knew him said he was so traumatized by the horror of Gein's crimes and the fear of having to testify (notably about assaulting Gein) that it led to his early death. One of his friends said, "He was a victim of Ed Gein as surely as if he had butchered him." [citation needed]

Gein was found mentally incompetent and thus unfit to stand trial at the time of his arrest, and was sent to the Central State Hospital (now the Dodge Correctional Institution) in Waupun, Wisconsin. Later, Central State Hospital was converted into a prison and Gein was transferred to Mendota State Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin. In 1968, Gein's doctors determined he was sane enough to stand trial; he was found not guilty by reason of insanity and spent the rest of his life in the hospital.

While Gein was in detention, his house burned to the ground. Arson was suspected. In 1958, Gein's car, which he used to haul the bodies of his victims, was sold at public auction for a then-considerable sum of $760 to an enterprising carnival sideshow operator named Bunny Gibbons. Gibbons called his attraction the "Ed Gein Ghoul Car" and charged carnival-goers 25 cents admission to see it.


Gein died of respiratory failure in 1984 at the age of 78 in the Mendota State Hospital in Madison.

His body was interred at Plainfield Cemetery in Plainfield. Vandalism to the grave site, near his parents', included many years of stone pieces chipped off for souvenirs until his gravestone was finally stolen in 2000. It was recovered in June 2001 near Seattle and now is displayed in the museum in Wautoma, Wisconsin.

Popular culture


* Ed Gein's crimes became widely known after Robert Bloch's novel "Psycho" was released in 1959, followed a year later by Alfred Hitchcock's seminal film adaptation; Gein was widely believed to be the basis for main character Norman Bates (Bloch later denied this in an interview).

Also, the crimes largely inspired Tobe Hooper's "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and Alan Ormsby's "Deranged," as well as parts of Thomas Harris' novel "The Silence of the Lambs" (in the form of the character Buffalo Bill).

Gein's story was adapted into its own movie, "In the Light of the Moon," starring Steve Railsback as Gein and Carrie Snodgrass as Augusta. A movie released in 2003, "House of 1000 Corpses," directed by Rob Zombie, contains a scene in which the character Captain Spaulding recreates Gein's crimes as part of his amusement park ride.


* Bands Killdozer, Slayer, Mudvayne, Macabre, The Fibonaccis and Dahmer have composed songs about Ed Gein called "Ed Gein," "Dead Skin Mask" [3], "Nothing to Gein", "Old Mean Ed Gein," and "Edward Gein," respectively. There is an extreme metal band by the name of Ed Gein. "Gidget Gein" was the stage name of former Marilyn Manson bassist Brad Stewart.

* In 1995, the alternative rock band Blind Melon released the song "Skinned," which is sung from the point of view of Gein.

* A politicaly fused upstate New York trash metal/punk trio goes by the name of "Ed Gein."

* In the 1980's, there was a New York City based punk rock band named "Ed Gein's Car."

* There is also an instrumental psychobilly/surfpunk band in the US by the name Ed Gein and the Graverobbers.

* The Swedish Death Metal Band Deranged took his name from the same titled Film.

Computer games

* Harvester, a 1996 adventure game, involves "Gein Memorial School" that is named after Gein.

See also

* 1930 US Census with the Gein family in Plainfield, Wisconsin

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Anonymous patfromchocolateland said...

...and then there's this idiot loony bastard. I think I saw him on TV once saying something about Sharon Stone

Blogger Jim Olson said...

Posting from the UK, Oxford here.

I just want to point out that not one, but two serial killer cannibals came from Wisconsin. Ed Gein and Jeffery Dahmer were both from Wisconsin.

Just hope your car doesn't break down in the middle of the night in the Wisconsin Dells.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

I drove all the way through Wisconsin two times when I visited you in seminary in Minnesota. On skinny little 2-lane state roads. Sometimes in the black of night. I even poured barbecue sauce all over me and wore sprigs of fresh parsley over both ears. But nothing happened.

yo pat did you read the bottom, all the punk thrash nasty bands who were inspired by E.G.? One of them, Esquire did a long interview and article about. The headline:

4 out of 5 teens who kill
listen to Slayer

Blogger U.B. said...

Uhhh....shivvvver shiverr....BoB do you have a new faible for canibalism?

Anonymous patfromch said...

Slayer ? Not as often a I used to, the older I get the less my urge for aggrssive music. But I find the obsession of Americans with their Serial Killers quite strange. All the books and movie about psychopathic lunatis. I even remember seing an ad in Rolling Stone for a store that sold shirts of Serial Killers.
How bloody warped do you have to be if you wear a shirt with Gein's or Ted Bundy's face on it ?
Oh btw , have you ever heard this story about the football team from Peru whose plane rashed in the Andes ?

Blogger Jim Olson said...


It's not uncommon for disaffected, disenfranchised youth to wear t-shirts with pictures of controversial characters from history on them as a symbol of their rebellion. I sent a student home to change several weeks ago because of the offensiveness of his t-shirt, and when he returned, he actually thanked me for noticing. This young man is a very troubled soul, but is in University, and managing to keep up his grades. I've seen a slight change in his wardrobe since he came to BU...a lot less ripped and torn 'punk' wear, and a bit more collegiate.

Anonymous adam said...

I never had that experience myself. I didn't even don the oh-so-trendy Che Guevara t-shirt that seemed to be covering everyone's skinny torsos when I was a teenager (I'm 23 now). Part of the reason was that my family and I were more disenfranchised than most and couldn't afford to keep up with things, but another big part of it was my schedule through the mid- to late teens. I didn't do high school; I left mid-freshman year and picked my own curriculum (maybe should have picked more math, but I'm doing well enough in it now), and at 18 I joined an AmeriCorps program not far from where I lived.

Basically, working as a substitute teacher in poor schools showed me that I had to actually respond to what was going on. Slogans and images can't do that for me. If I'm frustrated personally, I have to deal with it, not just put on my favorite T-shirt and spike my hair.

But I think I understand why others don't. American teens are obsessed with serial killers because they, unlike the teenagers who obsess over them, didn't just play with their own appearance when they got angry over how school hurt them. They went out and started venting in the least mistakable way possible. Say what you like about Jeffrey Dahmer as far as his sanity was concerned, but he was obviously responding to something that was seriously wrong with an emphasis that a Slayer t-shirt can't carry.

For American teens' part, they get pretty horribly abused in school. Mark Ames' "Going Postal" is one of the few pieces of non-fiction that I've seen that bothers to investigate how people treat each other in school as a possible cause of school massacres, rather than bad parenting, offensive music, or violent video games. Worth a look, patfromch.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Hi u.b. --

My love for cannibals is just the sick habit of the old newspaper editor. All over the world, my Society has a special superwide Smile when a story about some new cannibal pops up on the computer screen. We look up at Himmel and say Danke for such a wonderful story (particularly in the summer, when nothing is happening and we are very bored).

Cannibals -- the cure for newspaper editors' Ennui.

Cannibalism / Anthropaphagy is the Ultimate Taboo, and so we're naturally fascinated and horrified when the cops catch somebody breaking the Mother Of All Taboos.

(But I don't remember my Mom and Dad ever telling me not to eat people. Or my Sunday School Teacher -- nobody ever told me not to do this.)

Freud has that book "Civilization and Its Discontents" (Das Unbehagen in der Kultur) -- the more Civilized we agree to become, the more Rules and Laws we agree to obey for the Common Good, the more we have fantasies of becoming pirates, criminals, Attila the Hun, of breaking every Taboo. The better-behaved we are, the more we wonder, in the Private Places of our minds, if people taste like chicken.

Teenagers can see that soon they will be forced to be Very Civilized amd wear suits and ties and bras and girdles and wake up every morning at 6, so while they still have the chance, they sing about their favorite cannibals and serial killers in their disgusting punk bands. The sole purpose of Youth Music is to horrify Geezers, and make Geezers demand investigations of this music, and laws to make it stop. (This boosts the sales of the music.)

An Australian won the Nobel Prize by discovering that when people (in New Guinea) eat the brains of other people, they get a fatal disease (kuru) which was the first "prion" disease like Mad Cow ever discovered. So don't eat the brains. Very unhealthy.

It's almost summer, I guess maybe I'm bored. But I'm happy with chicken. Or whooping crane when I can find some.

Blogger U.B. said...

Hi Bob,
nice and extensive answer! Susanne and I were at Lorch at the river Rhine for a couple of days.So excuse the delayed 2nd comment,please. (Went by ICE - a wonderful journey.160mph and the coffee stayed in the cup.)Today a strong dispute between my publisher and me had ended.It could have become a case of canibalism- it was only a question of time -who is going to have whom for breakfast.Both sides decided not to eat each other.(The point was none of us did want to undress first, and we didn´t have any barbecue-sauce available.
Best Uwe

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Springtime on the banks of the Rhine by ICE -- I am envious! I will join you on Saturday after my lottery tickets win the $$$$ !

But still no one will tell me ... do we taste like chicken?

Did you ever see the Twilight Zone episode where the UFO Aliens landed and were smiling and friendly and they were always reading from a book. Our codebreakers stole a copy of the book, but they could only understand the title: TO SERVE MAN.

The Aliens invited hundreds of Earth people to visit their faraway planet for fun and education and a wonderful Holiday In Space.

Just as the Spaceship was about to leave, the Codebreaker ran up to his boss screaming. "Sir! Sir! You must stop the spaceship! TO SERVE MAN ... it's a COOKBOOK!!!"

Blogger U.B. said...

you are welcome any time to meet us at the Rhine.Lorch is not to far from Frankfurt.....
Anyway to answer your question: Man supposes to taste like pig.How do I know?I don´t know but I read about it.
Ever read THE HAND by ...oisinski?(I have forgotten the author´s name.)
"True storys " of refugees, of the gulags during Stalin´s dictatorship.Collected and transformed into a novel.One very brutal and nearly unbelievable story included is the story of "the turtle".A group on the flight during wintertime would kidnap a fellow gulag inhabitant tie him on a sledge an take him with them as living proviant.The poor victim would be amputated piece by piece and eaten piece by piece.And als be fed by a broth made from himself if necessary.
By the way DEAD MAN by Jim Jarmush includes canibalism as a theme, too.
Good night for today. Uwe


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