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29 March 2006

the gender of Sooraj the Sun in Urdu and Gujrati

The Indo-European language superfamily.
Click. (From Wikipedia.)

This comes from Pakistan, via Toronto. Abbas comments often here. (He likes Vleeptron's neighbor planet mollyringwald).

if we're lucky, he'll remember that he forgot the Moon, and we'll hear more. He's promised to ask his wife the Farsi.

Sooraj went totally dark today over a long swath of the Earth's surface, from Brazil to Northern India. But after a few minutes, Sooraj became bright again. (The Moon drifted in front of the Sun and cast a shadow on the Earth below.)

Urdu, Gujrati and Farsi are Indo-European languages, members of a language superfamily that includes English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Greek, German, Dutch, Gaelic, the Slavic and the Scandinavian (but not Finnish/Suomi) languages, Sanskrit and Hindi.

That they all are descended from the same ancient lost tongue called Proto-Indo-European (PIE) is apparent from similarities in their words for the counting numbers, words for mother and father, and so forth.

Scholars have taken good guesses at where Proto-Indo-European was spoken (long before writing began, so we have no actual samples or examples) by tracing back words for kinds of trees, geographical and weather features, etc. The most generally accepted guess today is that PIE was spoken by a culture called Yamna on the north shores of the Black and Caspian seas between 3500 and 2200 BC.

Most of this impersonation of knowing something was filched from Wikipedia's extensive discussion of Indo-European languages and PIE.


in Urdu the sun is a male.

in Gujrati, the same.

sun = sooraj in both languages. (pronounced soo-ruj). i hate it when i have to arabacise south asian languages. not really sure about farsi (persian), i'll ask my wife about that. sorry just running a bit late to meet someone, would love to have written up a long one for this.

- abbas.


Blogger Abbas Halai said...

whelp, my wife's farsi isn't as good as i thought it was and she not having spoken it in about ten years is forgetting. anyway, figured you'd enjoy the write up i did on cuba.

Blogger Abbas Halai said...

okay so after a bit of googling, turns out the sun translates to the word "Aftab" in Farsi. coincidentally, (well not really), this is a common first and last name amongst muslims and commonly used in Pakistan as well. this is definitely gender specific and is definitely a male. one of my personal occurences of this word is also in the song, "Chaudvin ka Chand" by Kishore Kumar from the movie of the same name. you can download the song here in all its glory. it is one of the most romantic songs i've ever heard.

the rough translation to the opening stanza is:

chaudhveen ka chand ho
are you the moon of the fourteenth night? (referring obviously to a full moon

ya aftab ho
or are you the sun?

jo bhee tum ho
whatever you are

khuda ki kasam
i swear by God

lajawaab ho
you are without an answer breathtaking

most of the effect of the song is obviously lost in translation. kishore is undoubtedly one of my favourite singers of all time.


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