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27 March 2006

1st day issue: a Talking Board / Postalo Vleeptron & TdSPosta

a Talking Board
traditional design from Vleeptron, Yobbo and Hoon
(Click for larger.)

1st Day Joint Issue: Postalo Vleeptron
and TdSPosta (Tierra de los Sueños)
"Communicating with the Beyond"

top left: detail, XVIII The Moon / la Lune
top right: detail, XIX The Sun / le Soleil
bottom left: Zeta Beam in transit between Melkweg and Dwingeloo-2
bottom right: Saturn in ultraviolet (Hubble Space Telescope)

Planchette by William Fuld, Baltimore, Maryland USA, 1915

Permanent Collection
Dwingeloo-2 Galactic Portrait Gallery, Hoon
Copyright © 2006 by Robert Merkin, All Rights Reserved

You'll love the surprise the instant you click on
The Museum of Talking Boards


Anonymous DespicableTeacher said...

Lovely stamp!! (small corection though, it's LE soleil-masculin in French.

Bon bisous,


Blogger Bob Merkin said...

in 831 AD the Vikings and the Saxons on the Island of Britain agreed to stop giving genders to all the nouns because it was too confusing, and then later the result was English, where pens and cars have no sex. I will fix the sex of the Sun when Blogspot is working better in a few hours. Le Merci. Glad u liked the stamp!

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

okay okay help me out here aidez-moi hilfe

in a language where every noun has a gender

why is the Moon female?

why is the Sun male?

I'm not saying they're not. I'm just wondering why when we look at the Moon in the night sky, we think the Moon reflects The Universal Feminine Principle, and when we see the Sun, we think the Sun reflects the Universal Male Principle.

Does the Universe really have a Female Principle and a Male Principle? Or is that just a Local Earth Thing?

Everyone's thoughts on this question greatly appreciated.

Anonymous DespicableTeacher said...

Good question. I made the same remark to my German teacher...In Portuguese there is only masculine and feminine, but German as you know, has 3 genders, why the hell is Sun in German feminine and Moon masculine????? And girl «Mädschen» neutral??

Anonymous patfromliguisticsdept said...

nordic mythology. the sun is considered as female because she is giving warmth and comfort and life and the moon is male bcause he is a cold and reserved bastard.


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