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06 February 2006

More skirmishes from the Danish Cartoon War -- A-VP's correspondent/photographer in Tripoli Libya

Eintreffen Hauptharst.jpg
the protesters arrive

HH von Dach Botschaft.jpg
signs on the roof

Richtung Kons DK.jpg
heading toward the Danish Consulate
Verbrennung Flagge N.jpg
burning the [Danish] flag

Click to enlarge images.

On Thursday 2 February 2006 popular demonstrations to protest the cartoons printed in a Danish newspaper descended on the foreign embassy neighborhood of Tripoli, capital of the North African nation of Libya. Agence-Vleeptron Presse's stringer (who has a digital camera) reports:



Last Thursday we had a demonstration in front of our Embassy (the Danish Consulate is only 100 m further !!)

On the pictures you can't see how they throw stones at our Embassy. They confused Switzerland with Denmark ...

Look at the pictures:


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