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05 February 2006


Click and Solve.

If you can. You can't, can you? That's pathetic. That's really pathetic. You majored in Liberal Arts. I'll bet you really know some important stuff. But you don't know how old I am. By next week you still won't know how old I am, unless you ask somebody else to figure it out for you.

DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWER AS A COMMENT, let's let the huge mob of Correct Answerers all get a chance to chime in.

Send Answer By E-Mail Only. Vleeptron will post That You Got It, but keep the answer SECRET.

All hair.

Many teeth.


Anonymous DespicableTeacher said...

Happy Birthday!

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

For my e^4.07753753t_th birthday, S.W.M.B.O. and me went to ye Perfecte Olde Newe Englande Countrie Inne -- the Whately Inn, don't miss it -- and I ate something bigger than my head.

I think Leo Wong of Java4Jesus figured out my age. He didn't exactly give me The Proof that he figured it out, but first of all the guy programs (amazingly, sublimely) in Java, which probably means he passed high school Algebra II, and second of all he e-mailed me with that special fragrance of Math Confidence. I am about 92 percent certain Leo deserves the Pizza Slice.

I am not giving out hints on this one. Really. This is Algebra II stuff. Some of you must have passed Algebra II.

Okay, Leave A Comment to tell Vleeptron how horrible math was, how it Lowered Your Self-Esteem.

If Amy is creating Human-Animal Hybrids in her Secret Science Lab, she must know how to do this. I already owe her a lot of pizza and meals at the fabulous Miss Florence Diner.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

whoops tiny typo in the Comment above. We left off a digit. The original Color Drawing is correct.


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