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04 February 2006

H-AHs: the Shame of the Future


People have laughed at my warnings and prophecies before. But if we do not take action now, if the United States Congress does not pass federal legislation immediately, we will get things like this hopping around in our forests and deserts and on our seashores. Elvis Costello, Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and the Australian grey kangaroo are all sacred Creations of God, and atheist Bio-Scientists must be stopped before they make human-animal hybrids like this.

Amy! What the heck is going on here? What the hell was he talking about? Was he drunk again? (At least he wasn't driving a car this time.)

What's the buzz about human-animal hybrids in your lab? Are you making any? Can you make a gerbil with the brain of a plumber? When the sewer got clogged, it cost me $300 to clear it out, but if a gerbil could have just crwaled down that big pipe from my basement to the street and munched through all the sludge, it could have gotten cleared out for free.


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