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09 November 2005

No! No! Not Intelligent Design! Kansas Schools Must Teach THIS THEORY of Creation now! THIS THEORY is the TRUTH!

Flying Spaghetti Monster,
who created Everything

Those are his meatballs.

The guy who first saw Flying Spaghetti Monster in a Vision wrote to the Kansas Board of Education the last time they pulled this Creationism crap. He warned them that forcing teachers to teach Intelligent Design would piss off Flying Spaghetti Monster. He told them the Flying Spaghetti Monster Theory was 100 Percent Exactly As Valid a Theory as the Intelligent Design Theory. (If you're a Real Scientist or a Logician, you know that's True.) Click on the above link, read his Warning Letter. Then you shall have been Warned. Don't risk the Wrath of Flying Spaghetti Monster.


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