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09 November 2005

my Vision of FSM (the genre is Muy High-Class!)

My own personal Hand-Drawn Vision of Flying Spaghetti Monster. Now it's a .jpg . Click on it a few times, maybe it will get better. (No guarantees. I suck as an Artist.)

AND it's Mail Art or Faux Postage or Postal Art -- this stuff Hangs In Real Museums! This stuff is High Class! Real Artists -- Donald Evans Ray Johnson Uwe Bressem -- make this Stuff!

You don't have to drive through Kansas to get Anywhere you want to go. e-mail me if you're afraid (as well you should be) of even being in Kansas for nine minutes. (Stupid Is Catching, Like Bird Flu or SAARS.) I will find a way so you don't have to set foot in Kansas, or even fly over it.


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