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03 November 2005

New Dwingeloo in the Autumn -- my country estate on Vleeptron

Please clickez ici! It gets so much bigger and prettier!

Them's pumpkins for sale in time for Halloween.

At the last moment, after a season of dreadful, crappy weather, our trees -- the old growth forest unique in all the planet which explodes in colors -- have turned magnificent. Not lurid as we usually hope for for tourist Leaf-Peeper Season. Muted this year, subtle -- a painter's landscape.

If you love this gorgeous natural landscape, you're in luck -- I'll be selling the leaves that fall on my lawn very cheaply this year, only $5 a bag. Come quick and take them away before the tourists from New York City and Boston get them!

The leaves turn color as natural light filters, to grab the last amounts of photosynthetic energy from the Sun and make biochemical energy stored in their sap, before winter comes. The Sun's useable energy in Autumn is concentrated only in certain energy wavelengths (colors).

The sap of our Sugar Maple Trees -- among the most colorful of the Autumn leaves -- is Maple Syrup, one of the most delicious tastes Nature produces anywhere in this part of the Universe. We tap the trees during the bleak snowbound winter and boil the sap to make the wonderful maple syrup. Always buy the least refined -- Dark Amber, they call it. It's the most flavorful, it has a smokey, rugged, vigorous flavor. If you pay $$$$$$ for the most refined, the result has uhhhhh no taste. You got hosed, Tourist.


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