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23 November 2005

Bob makes Health Canada an offer they can't refuse

The Vancouver Sun (British Columbia, Canada)
Wednesday 23 April 2003

Only a Government Could Be
So Inept at Growing Pot

Letters to the Editor
The Vancouver Sun
Vancouver BC Canada

To the Editor:

Only a government could spend $5.75 million to grow marijuana, and fail ("Potent pot befuddles Ottawa," April 21). Eventually the same government will hold hearings and issue a report that will explain how it spent $5.75 million and couldn't grow any marijuana. That report will almost certainly cost taxpayers at least $500,000.

To be fair, the contractors have managed to grow some marijuana, but the government undertook the project to fulfil a promise to provide marijuana to the desperately and terminally ill, chief among them cancer and AIDS patients.

This has yet to happen -- not one single appetite-stimulating puff for one single wasting patient, no matter how excruciating and life-threatening his or her medical condition.

And this will never happen, because this is a promise the government never intended to honour.

May I offer my services? I can fail to honour a humanitarian, merciful promise far more cheaply. For a mere $1 million, I will not provide marijuana to desperately ill and suffering Canadians.

Robert Merkin

Northampton, Massachusetts USA


Blogger U.B. said...

Ach Bob,
send some of the experts over here.Last year a local initative "Garden and Water" run by volonteers to improve the neighbourhood grew a nice hemp plantage just around the corner, by accident.What had happend?A landlord had to get rid of about a metric ton of compost, which was
found in one of his rented flats.Actually it was compost from an illegal marijuana
plantage,run in one of his flats already closed by the police.So I sponsered the rich earth to the peoples initative which they took thankfully for planting their flowers and trees.
What nobody new, the whole compost was full of seed.In July the miracle occured.Hemp over hemp grew fro free in Tegeler Str.Just beautiful."Die Tagezeitung" -notfied by a undercover agent reporter- wrote about it and made it a riddle for all pot heads where to get the grass for free."Kiffer aufgepasst" was the headline.The fun lasted about three weeks until someone
harvested the plants at once over night.
There had been no complaints of the neighbours living next to it, nor did police take any action.UWE


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