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22 November 2005

la vie diplomatique

Shawne Fielding-Borer
Miss Dallas (1992), Miss Texas (1994) and
wife of former Swiss Ambassador to Germany

Sidney Morning Herald (Australia)
8 July 2002
Associated Press

Woman withdraws
sex with ambassador claim

A woman has withdrawn her claims that she had sex with the Swiss ambassador to Germany while his American beauty queen wife was away -- claims that led to him losing his posting and resigning from the diplomatic service, the weekly SonntagsZeitung said today.

In a statement witnessed by lawyers, Djamile Rowe said she admitted to the affair with Thomas Borer in return for payment and because she was pressed by a reporter from the mass circulation Swiss newspaper Blick.

According to Rowe, the reporter, Alexandra Wuerzbach, said she was backed by the paper's publisher, Michael Ringier.

She told Rowe the newspaper would report the affair "with or without" Rowe's agreement, and also threatened to publish nude photographs of Rowe.

"Because I was under enormous psychological pressure, from Wuerzbach, Michael Ringier and his staff, I could see no way out. I was offered a large sum of money and I agreed to go along with the untrue story published in Blick and (Sunday edition) SonntagsBlick and allow it to be continued," Rowe said in the statement, published in full on the SonntagsZeitung Web site.

Rowe, a beauty consultant, said in the statement that she had been an officially invited guest at the Swiss embassy but had never had sex with Borer.

The Ringier Group, which owns both Blick and SonntagsBlick, rejected "all parts" of Rowe's statement and threatened to sue.

"They are in irrevocable contradiction with the earlier statements made by Ms Rowe in various media in Switzerland and abroad and to the affidavit that she gave to Ringier. Legal action is inevitable," the group said.

SonntagsBlick in April published a series of post-midnight photographs showing a woman -- identified later by the paper as Rowe -- park her car and get into a limousine, which entered the garage under the embassy in Berlin.

The paper said Borer's wife, American model Shawne Fielding, was away at an engagement in Switzerland.

Borer and his wife immediately denied that any visit had taken place and said the newspaper article was "untrue and made up." They are taking legal action against the paper.

Following the Borers' denials, Blick printed an interview with Rowe, in which she claimed to have visited the embassy five times when Fielding was away and said that she and the ambassador had had sex.

Borer was recalled by the Swiss government after he refused to return to Bern to discuss the incident.

He later resigned from the diplomatic service and the couple vowed to stay in Germany, where they are mainstays of the Berlin party scene.

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Blogger U.B. said...

Gosh! Bob what have you done! There is no safe place in Berlin to be not confronted with Shawn!....and now I find her here, too!AHHHHRGGJHHH! Uwe

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

He later resigned from the diplomatic service and the couple vowed to stay in Germany, where they are mainstays of the Berlin party scene

what i don't understand about this story is ... are the parties in Berlin REALLY that much better than the parties in Bern? I been to Berlin, and yeah yeah that was one very jumpin hoppin stadt. But I've never been to Bern or CH ... the parties there are ... nowhere? nada? bupkis? zilch?

Anonymous patfromch said...

Parties ? Berne ? Fortget it ! This city is DEAD on a Friday night.
What pissed me off about this story is the fact that the press thinks that they have the right to destroy a career just because they hate that bloke's guts and just because he was a bit different than all the other diplomats. Journos do NOT have the right to manipulate or even destroy the (private) life of a public person. I don't want to know what i. e. my tax misister is doing Friday night, I wanna know what he's up to Monday morning ! Everything else is Tabloid Termite Junk ! Call me a Puritan or a Moralist but I reckon quite a lot of Journos have to do some rethinking about moral values . Just because a story is "hot" does not mean that it is a good stroy qualitywise.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Okay, sit down, take these pills, take a few deep breaths.

One reason I got out of newspapering and journalism is that the industry was collapsing. Instead of being driven by Ideas and Ideals, it was being bought up by Money Guys and they were only asking One Question: How can we make the most Money without going to prison?

Blog Is Better.

Uwe has just admitted he doesn't have a TV. So likewise, you should not read the Tabloids. They will just give you apoplexy. You are too young to fall over from the apoplexy.

Termite Culture rears its ugly head again. So, like, do you have a Plan to stop the Termites?

Of course not. 2,597,118,302,888,093 Termites are bigger than you. Accept this.

That is what Vleeptron is for. Vleeptron is not Termite Culture. And Vleeptron only tries to destroy the lives and careers of the Deserving.

Not that anyone notices.

But that FEMA guy Mike Brown -- we made him vanish pretty damn quick, huh?


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