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05 October 2005

London Underground terrorist bombing tragedy = Your Lucky Day $$$$$$$$$$

14, Cameroon House, Wyndham Road,
Camber well, S.E. 5 OUJ. London UK.

I am MR. DAVID JOHNSON a British citizen and I am 47years of age. I am married with three kids, I work with Union Bank Swiss Finance Company London UK.

I am the accounting officer of Mr. Mike Da who died on the recent bomb blast which occurred in London on the 7th of July 2005.

Mr. Mike Da who is our Client with Account Number UBS 101-720-4 has left the sum of Two Million one Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars ($2,120.000.00) for deposit, this Amount is yet to be credited in his favour before he died
on the recent bomb blast in London.

I want you to open an account with my Bank so that I can credit this amount to you while you shall receive 40% of the fund I and my colleague will have 60%.

If you are interested in this transaction please fill the form below and return back to me to enable me open an account on your behalf.

The name of the Finance and Security Company and all relevant informations will be given to you, when you contact me on my Email.

Treat with utmost confidentiality.

Yours sincerely,



FULL NAMES:________________________________________


DATE OF BIRTH:_____________________________________

NATIONALITY: ______________________________________

COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE: _____________________________

MARITAL STATUS: ___________________________________

HOME ADDRESS:______________________________________

OFFICE ADDRESS:____________________________________

TELEPHONE NUMBER:__________________________________

FAX NUMBER:________________________________________


POSITION HELD:_____________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS:_____________________________________

NEXT OF KIN:_______________________________________

ACCOUNT TYPE:______________________________________


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