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03 October 2005

Holy Festivals of 2 Great Faiths begin TONITE!

The artist Hoda Moustapha
has requested that Vleeptron
remove her painting "Ramadan Kareem."
You can see her exquisite images Here.

Publicke Notice

1. Vleeptron is back! First we went to the Stratford Ontario Canada Shakespeare Festival -- more about which later -- and while we were gone, the Vleeptron Supercomputer went to TechCavalry for a Thorough Software Enema. Got home Saturday, retrieved the Supercomputer Monday morning.

2. As DespicableTeacher has pointed out, this year the Holy Month of Ramadan and the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashona (Hebrew for Head of the Year) will both begin at sundown tonight (Monday night).

This is the start of the Hebrew calendar year 5766.

These great religions, which worship the Same God, and venerate almost all the same Prophets -- wouldn't it be nice if both of them took a break for these Holy Days and stopped hating and killing one another?

That is Vleeptron's Recommendation. Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Animists, Atheists -- please feel free to join NeighborFest2005 on Vleeptron.

Perhaps we will discover by surprise that we enjoy not hating and killing one another, and get into the habit of not hating and killing one another. That was the normal way Muslims and Jews got along as respectful neighbors for about 1000 years -- for both faiths, the Age of Our Greatest Prosperity and Achievements -- so we've had plenty of practice from the Iberian Peninsula throughout North Africa all the way to India.

If you run into a Jew, say:

l'Shana Tovah (Have a Good Year)
l'Shana Tovah Teekatayvoo

If you run into a Muslim, say:

Ramadan Kareem
(a generous Ramadan)

Ramadan Mubarak
(a blessed Ramadan)

The Arabic word Mubarak is the linguistic cousin of the Hebrew word Baruk -- both mean Blessed.

Here on Vleeptron, there has not been a single case of religious-inspired violence since the Swedenborgian Riots of Minus-33901.


Blogger SteveHeath said...

Long time, no drop-by....But New Years Day is a great time to start fresh..

The Spousal Jewess was pleased to hear me read the Hebrew greeting aloud to her this morning after awaking from a four hour nap. (It's 4am, but she's off work for two days).

Sez she doesn't recognize that Teekatayvoo, but that's what we have Google for. It's obvious your own S.J. is a teacher, because she's taught you to put stuff like that out and FORCE the inquisitive student to do a bit of fingerwork on his own to get the full lesson.

Blogger SteveHeath said...

pssst, your Spouse is one of Them, isn't she? Seems that's my recollection of something we have in common.

If not, disregard the previous S.J. reference and just replace it with "Cynthia".

For next two days and of course one day next week I am the Shabbos Goy guy here at the Bar n Grill.

My attitude about this role has improved over the years, given that Doreen only works the Jewish angle on these three days each year and I am inclined to judge her motivations as bogus ritualism.

Then I remember that I've got a few such rituals myself with which she patiently we're back to Even.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

S.W.M.B.O. (She Who Must Be Obeyed) is a real catch from Christendom -- her folks came over to Massachusetts from England and Scotland probably on the 3rd boat after the Mayflower, she's my Puritan Flower. She's all hung up on Christmas, you wouldn't believe the decorations, I got Santa Claus and Reindeer comin' out the tuchas, and if it forgets to snow, she sues the TV weatherman.

Like you and D., we respectfully toss each other's customs and holidays back and forth and try to maintain a household comfy for both of us. Lately she's dragged me to annual Tenebrae (Shadows in Latin) services -- commemorating Jesus' death, when "the Light Has Gone Out of the World" -- and the service ends with all the church candles extinguished, the church plunged into darkness. A very moving service. She's a Congregationalist, which is what most of the Puritans evolved into. In the 19th Century a lot of them became Unitarian-Universalists. Congos and U-U's really loathe one another.

Maybe it's never easy being Anything, but these are Hard Times being a Jew in the Diaspora, because of all the stirred-up (bogus, synthetic) hatred between Jews and Muslims. I'm lucky ... here in LeftyLand (Northampton) it's easy to run into Jews who refuse to buy into the Hatred Thing. There has to be a way to support Israel's right to exist as a place safe for Jews without also buying into the Kill-the-Arabs crap. But in my lifetime, too many American Jews have bought into the Hatred Thing. It's so short-sighted, so foot-shooting. Ultimately it hasn't made Israel safe, and if it can't be reversed, this culture of Hatred will continue to make Israel less and less safe.

AHA! Google to the Rescue! The Superfancy Rosh Hashona greeting

l'Shana Tovah Tekatavu


May you be inscribed for a Good Year

but 99% of all Jew-to-Jew greetings will just be the fast, modern, down-and-dirty "l'Shana Tovah."

Sundown Wednesday 12 October begins Phase 2 == Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Essentially it's Jews Comunally and Universally Confessing Their Sins -- we just confess that during the past year we committed Every Sin in the Book. (But I swear I don't recall any cannibalism.)

Israel's Naughty Little Secret: There are thousands of Jewish-Muslim marriages in the big cities. Probably Detroit (Dearborn) too, where the biggest Muslim-American community is. It's hell and Romeo and Juliet at first, but things always calm down after the grandchildren are born.

Amor Vincit Omnia -- Love Conquers All.

Blogger SteveHeath said... it's YOU who are of the Chosen Folks. I knew I recalled one of you being annointed. And let's face it, that's all we really need...just one of the two to bring home that good Old Testament kharma.

In my own case, Doreen and I are eagerly awaiting that envelope in the mail which tells us what our account number is at the Big Bank where all that Zionist/Jewish World Bank dough is being stored.

Still waiting, but it gives me a reason to take the 100 yard walk each day to the mailbox.

Hey, phone call coming about Oct 21...sorry, I've been jammed.



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