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24 September 2005

filched intro to Hindu / Vedic Astrology

The Hindu/Vedic Zodiac

"This curiosity [Astrology] flourishes, and stimulates one to learn Astronomy ... Now, this Astrology is a foolish Daughter ... But dear Lord, what would happen to her Mother, the highly reasonable Astronomy, if she did not have this foolish Daughter? The world, after all, is much more foolish, indeed is so foolish, that this old sensible Mother Astronomy is talked into things and lied to as a result of her Daughter's foolish pranks ...

"The mathematician's pay would be so low, that the Mother would starve, if the Daughter did not earn anything. If formerly no one had been foolish enough to hope to learn of the future from the sky, then, Herr Astronomer, you would not have gotten so clever as to think that the course of the heavens should be made known for God's honor and glory. In fact, you would have known nothing of the course of the heavens."

-- Johannes Kepler




Vedic Astrology is the ancient Indian science of astrology perfected over 7000 years ago. Earliest mentions of Vedic astrology come in the Vedas, preceded by details of this divine science being revealed by lord Shiva to his spouse goddess Parvati.

According to many other sources Vedic astrology was never created by human and rather was revealed to mankind by lord Brahma who in his infinite wisdom is the only god amongst gods and humans to truly know the future.

On earth Vedic astrology as many people know has been perfected & interpreted by great astrologers like Vaharamihira, Sage Jaimini, Kalidasa and many great saints & holy person.

Amongst other amazing aspect about Vedic astrology, the most impressive is the Dasa System (Exclusive to Hindu Astrology) where predetermined periods are designated to the nine planets and a detailed interpretation is available at birth.

Besides the Nakshtra interpretation is the most superior and sophisticated method of interpretations. Vedic system is also the only reliable system to offer remedies to malefic planets, which has its first mention in the Atharva Veda.

We at dedicate ourselves to follow the principals of Vedic Astrology without diluting or mining the procedures to give you the best interpretations under the Vedic astrology to the best of our ability.

What is a house?

According to older Hindu texts, the words signs and houses fall on each other, but the count of the signs is always made from Aries which is the first sign. If we say a planet is in the first sign, it means that he is in Aries. If we say, it is in the fifth sign, it will be in Leo. If we say, it is in the twelfth sign, it will be in Pisces because Pisces is the last and the twelfth sign. We must remember that when referring to a sign we always count Aries as the first and then proceed in the regular order of the signs.

But a house begins from the ascendant. We must first know which is the sign ascending at the particular moment at a particular place. The Earth is globular. It is like a globe with the sky all around. There is no part of the sky which is not to the east of any locality of the Earth. We can explain this further by giving a practical example. The Sun always appears to be somewhere on the ecliptic. In fact, he is not on the ecliptic; it is the Earth which is on the ecliptic and as viewed from the Earth, the Sun appears to be in line with some place on the ecliptic. Now this Sun at any time appears in the east, in some part or the other of the Earth. So we may state that as the zodiac is a circular ring in the skies, though in fact it is elliptic, going all round, some part of the ring, i.e., the zodiac is on the eastern horizon somewhere.

Now suppose that at a particular time the sign Leo is rising at the eastern horizon. Then Leo will constitute the first house Virgo the second house, Libra the third house, Scorpio the fourth house, Sagittarius the fifth house, Capricorn the sixth house Aquarius the seventh house, Pisces the eighth house, Aries the ninth house, Taurus the tenth house, Gemini the Eleventh house and Cancer the twelfth house. Now suppose that the Sun is n Aquarius. So we say the Sun is in the seventh house or setting in the western horizon.

If suppose Scorpio was rising at New Delhi. Then Scorpio will be the first house, Sagittarius the second house. Capricorn the third house and so on; and the Sun being in Aquarius he will be in the fourth house.

The following signs being in opposition at 180º, to each other are called opposition signs:

Aries is in opposition to Libra and Libra to Aries
Taurus is in opposition to Scorpio and Scorpio to Taurus
Gemini is in opposition to Sagittarius and Sagittarius to Gemini
Cancer is in opposition to Capricorn and Capricorn to Cancer
Leo is in opposition to Aquarius and Aquarius in Leo
Virgo is in opposition to Pisces and Pisces to Virgo

So we must remember that the sign rising to the east at a particular time depends upon the time, date, month, year and the longitude and latitude of the place.

The latitude is very important because the duration of a sign rising differs from latitude to latitude.

Basic result of birth in various houses are:


Mercury House

In the First house. * Cheerful, humorous, well read, clever, many enemies, learned, fond of occult studies and astronomy, witty, influential, intellectual, respected, long-lived, love of literature and poetry.

Second house. * Learned in religious and philosophical lore, sweet speech, good conversationalist, humorous, clever many children, determined, fine manners, captivating look, self-acquisition, wealthy, careful, thrifty, clever in earning money.

Third house. * Daughter, happy mother, clever, cruel, loved by fair sex, tactful, diplomatic, discretion, bold, sensible.

Fourth house. * Learned, agriculturist, good mother, unhappy, skilled in conjuring tricks, obliging, cultured, affectionate, popular, inclined to pursue literary activities.

Fifth house. * Showy, learned, quarrelsome, danger to maternal uncles, parents sickly, good administrative capacity, fond of good furniture and dress, respect from moneyed men, ministerial office, executive ability, speculative, scholar, vain, danger to father, combative.

Sixth house. * Respected, interrupted education, subordinate officer, executive capacity, quarrelsome, showy, dissimulation, losses in money peevish, bigoted, troubles in the feet and toes.

Seventh house. * Diplomatic, interesting literary ability early in life and success through it, early marriage, wife handsome, dutiful and short-tempered, breaks in education, learned in astrology, astronomy and mathematics, success in trade, successful, dashing, gay, skilful, religious, charitable, strong body.

Eighth house. * Long life, landed estate, easy access to anything desired, grief through domestics, obliging, few issues, many lands, famous, respected, ill-health.

Ninth house. * Highly educated, musician, many children, obliging, licentious, philosophical, lover of literature, creative mind, inquisitive, scientific-minded, popular, well known.

Tenth house. * Determined, fortunate, enjoyments in life, intelligent, bad sight, active, cheerful, charitable, able, philanthropic.

Eleventh house. * Wealthy, happy, mathematical faculty, good astrologer, many friends among famous men, many lands, logical and scientific, success in trade.

Twelfth house. * Philosophical, intelligent, worried, adulterous, obliging, capricious, wayward, narrow-minded, gifted, despondent, passionate, few children, lacking in opportunities, danger to mother.

Mars House

In the First house. * Hot constitution, scars in the body, pilfering habits, big navel, early danger to father, reddish complexion, active, adventurous, powerful and low-minded.

Second house. * Quarrelsome, extravagant, harsh speech, adulterous, short-tempered, wasteful, sharp-tongued, broken education, satirical, large patrimony, bad-tempered, aggressive, unpopular and awkward.

Third house. * Pioneering, few brothers, sex-morals weak, courageous, intelligent, reckless, adventurous, short-tempered, unprincipled, easy morals, unpopular.

Fourth house. * Sickly mother, quarrels, unhappy home life, danger to father, domestic quarrels and conveyances, uncomfortable, coarse, brutal, tyrannical, vulgar.

Fifth house. * Unpopular, no issues, ambitious, intelligent persevering, unhappy, bold, unprincipled, decisive.

Sixth house. * Successful, good lands, rich success over enemies, intelligent, political success, powerful, worry from near relations.

Seventh house. * Two wives or friction with wife, dropsy, rash speculations, unsuccessful, intelligent, tactless, stubborn idiosyncratic, peevish, passionate, tension in married life.

Eighth house. * Short life, few children, danger to maternal uncles, widower later, hater of relations, bad sight, extramarital relations.

Ninth house. * Unkind worldly, successful trader, loss from agriculture, sickly father, naval merchant, dependent life, self-seeking, acute, stubborn, impetuous, logical.

Tenth house. * Founder of institutions and towns, energetic, adventurous, wealthy, active, healthy, famous, self made man, good agriculturist, good profits, clever, successful loved by relations, decisive.

Eleventh house. * Learned, educated, wealthy, influential property, crafty, happy, commanding.

Twelfth house. * Unsuccessful, poor, rotten body, unpopular, incendiary diseases, suffering, stumbling, active, fruitless, liable to fraud and deception, dishonest, unseen, impediments, deformed eyes.

Ketu House

In the first house. * Emaciated figure, weak constitution, much perspiration, weak-hearted, slender, piles, sexual indulgence, diplomatic.

Second house. * Bad speaker, quiet, quick in perception, peevish, hard-hearted, thrifty and economical.

Third house. * Adventurous, strong, artistic, wealthy, popular.

Fourth house. * Quarrelsome, licentious, weak, fear of poisons.

Fifth house. * Liberal, loss of children, sinful, immoral if afflicted.

Sixth house. * Fond of adultery, good conversationalist, licentious, venereal complaints, learned.

Seventh house. * Passionate, sinful, connections with widows, sickly wife.

Eighth house. * Senseless, obscure, dull, sanguine complexion, piles and similar troubles.

Ninth house. * Short-sighted, sinful, untruthful, thrifty, many children, good wife.

Tenth house. * Fertile brain, happy, religious, pilgrimage to sacred rivers and places, fond of scriptures.

Eleventh house. * Humorous, witty, licentious, intelligent, wealthy.

Twelfth house. * Capricious, unsettled mind, foreign residence, attracted to servile classes, much traveling, licentious, spiritual knowledge.

Rahu House

In the Ascendant. * Obliging, sympathetic, abortion, courageous, sickly wife or husband.

Second house. * Poor and more than one wife if afflicted, dark complexion, diseased face, peevish, luxurious dinners.

Third house. * Few children, wealthy, bold, adventurous, courageous, good gymnastic, many relations.

Fourth house. * Liaison with women of easy virtue, subordinate, proficient in European languages.

Fifth house. * Childless, flatulent, tyrannical, polite, narrow-minded and hard-hearted.

Sixth house. * Enjoyment, venereal complaints, no enemies, many cousins.

Seventh house. * Wife suffering from menstrual disorders, widow or divorcee connection, diabetes, luxurious food, unhappy.

Eighth house. * Vicious, degraded, quarrelsome, narrow-mined, immoral, adulterous.

Ninth house. * A puppet in the hands of the wife, impolite, uncharitable, emaciated waist, loose morals.

Tenth house. * Intimacy with widows, taste in poetry and literature, good artist, traveler, learned.

Eleventh house. * Wealthy, influential among lower castes, many children, good agriculturist.

Twelfth house. * Deformed, few children, defective sight, very many losses, saintly.


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