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18 October 2005

the Hebrew Lesson / the Vleeptron Middle East Peace Plan

This t-shirt is being sold in Israel to express support for "disengagement" -- the withdrawal of the Israeli military from occupied Palestinian territories. The big green top word is GUSH, which means "political bloc. The most famous Pro-Peace Party in Israel is GUSH SHALOM.

This is a new movement, GUSH [Something Else].

If you wear it around Haifa or Tel Aviv and keep pointing enthusiastically at the big word on the bottom, you might get lucky and meet new friends and learn about the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon and its wonderful, unique and ancient agricultural products, which are central to the Vleeptron Middle East Peace Process, and are not adulterated with goat poo. Your new friends might invite you over to listen to Led Zeppelin for a few hours.

The most popular color so far is "Disengagement Orange."


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