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17 October 2005

this could be adieu, sayonara, l'hitraot, adios, see ya later alligator, after while crocodile ...

Conditional Farewell

I got two tickets to the Massachusetts Lottery Mega Millions game under a refrigerator magnet (of a polar bear).

The drawing was Friday night 14 October 2005. The Pot / Kitty if you hit all 5 numbers AND the Mega Ball number was about


The Massachusetts Lottery website says the winning numbers were:

Mega Ball: 44

I'm going into the kitchen now to look at my tickets.

If the news is Real Good, this may be Farewell to Vleeptron.

It's not easy moving to Tahiti. Or Ibiza. Or to one of those skinny little townhouses in Amsterdam, with the piano hook over the top window. I'll be very busy.

Wish me luck!


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