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NGO_Vleeptron (aka "Bob from Massachusetts") recently featured LIVE on BBC WORLD SERVICE, heard briefly by Gazillions!!!

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03 September 2005

Vleeptron Pizza -- what the heck is this?

Click on image for larger and clearer image.


Blogger pat's pub said...

Don't have the faintest idea but it reminds me of the images of yersinia pestis, the Ebola and Marburg Virus I've seen once...
Is Biology the right diregtion or am i utterly wrong again

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

You are utterly wrong again. Close the Biology textbook. Reach for another textbook.

Okay, like, you know I was really authentically sincerely worried with your floods and Portugal's fires, and I still am. (But when last heard from, despicableteacher said things were cooling off, getting a bit better, in Portugal.)

But here's something you can be Truly Grateful for:

Your recovery and rescue operations are not in the hands of the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, and your salvation is not the responsibility of Mike D. Brown!


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