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03 September 2005

Vleeptron Homeland Security Takes Action against Spam Bot Comment Terror threat (Elevated: PECHE)

Anonymous, a Spam Bot
possibly from a Slavic-speaking country.


We are honored to have received all these wonderful Comments from Anonymous, but we now suspect Anonymous is a Spam Bot.

We have turned on WORD VERIFICATION. When you want to Leave A Comment (Bob loves it when you Leave A Comment) you will see a code word on the screen and will be prompted to manually type the code word.

One little extra step, and Vleeptron is sorry to have to require it.

Spam Bots can't see code words on the screen, and Spam Bots can't type. Spam Bots will abduct you into the Ayn Rand Objectivism Cult, and they will link you to real sleazy penis enlargement sites.


Blogger pat's pub said...

I must say that I'm pretty p.o.
These Bastards are quite likely to be responsible

According to what I have read there is actually a market out there for valid e-mail adresses being sold on auction platforms. It is quite easy to get cheapo software scanning websites for mail adresses and possible to send out 9 million mails within 60 minutes depending on the connection.
You are not the only one lameting on this issue, as I have found out.
there is only one solution to the problem that you have mentioned:
A Password
Looks like the days of Leaving A Comment Just Like this are over and the days of of Cyril Kornbluth's Merchants Of Venus are finally here
Wonder what Philip K Dick would have to say about this

Anonymous suckeredbyrobot said...

I'm just pissed off to find out I've been politely chatting welcoming nice things to a fucking Robot Salesman for the last 2 days. A Robot was complimenting my blog, and I felt flattered. I feel slimed.

Philip K. Dick means DYSTOPIA! I LOVE DYSTOPIA! One of my fave Dystopian authors is J.G. Ballard.

Password? Well ... there's only one possible password. The password is: Swordfish!

Oh! I have to type in the Word Verification before I can post this Comment. Okay, I did it. That wasn't too bad.


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