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03 September 2005

Mighty Mike's official FEMA bio -- where's the Arabian horse stuff?

As of today, the official FEMA website listed Mighty Mike as Under Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.


Text runs stet. Bold and color and other typographical funny stuph courtesy of Vleeptron.

{ [ ( o ) ] }

Michael D. Brown
Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Emergency Preparedness and Response
Photo of Michael Brown

Michael D. Brown was nominated by President George W. Bush as the first Under Secretary of Emergency Preparedness and Response in the newly created Department of Homeland Security in January 2003. As the head of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Under Secretary Brown leads federal disaster response and recovery operations and coordinates disaster activities with more than two dozen federal agencies and departments and the American Red Cross. He also oversees the National Flood Insurance Program and the U.S. Fire Administration,
and initiates proactive mitigation activities.

VLEEPTRON BUREAUCRAT GIBBERISH PIZZA OFFER: 3 Slices with Extra Anchovies if you can tell us what "initiates proactive mitigation activities" means.

Additionally, Under Secretary Brown helps the Secretary of Homeland Security ensure the effectiveness of emergency responders, and directs the National Incident Management System (NIMS) Integration Center, the National Disaster Medical System and the Nuclear Incident Response Team.

Under Secretary Brown has led Homeland Security’s response to more than 164 presidentially declared disasters and emergencies, including the 2003 Columbia Shuttle disaster and the California wildfires in 2003. In 2004, Mr. Brown led FEMA’s thousands of dedicated disaster workers during the most active hurricane season in over 100 years, as FEMA delivered aid more quickly and more efficiently than ever before.

Previously, Mr. Brown served as FEMA's Deputy Director and the agency's General Counsel. Shortly after the September 11th terrorist attacks, Mr. Brown served on the President's Consequence Management Principal's Committee, which acted as the White House's policy coordination group for the federal domestic response to the attacks. Later, the President asked him to head the Consequence Management Working Group to identify and resolve key issues regarding the federal response plan. In August 2002, President Bush appointed him to the Transition Planning Office for the new Department of Homeland Security, serving as the transition leader for the EP&R Division.

Prior to joining FEMA, Mr. Brown practiced law in Colorado and Oklahoma, where he served as a bar examiner on ethics and professional responsibility for the Oklahoma Supreme Court and as a hearing examiner for the Colorado Supreme Court. He had been appointed as a special prosecutor in police disciplinary matters. While attending law school he was appointed by the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee of the Oklahoma Legislature as the Finance Committee Staff Director, where he oversaw state fiscal issues. His background in state and local government also includes serving as an assistant city manager with emergency services oversight and as a city councilman.

Mr. Brown was also an adjunct professor of law for the Oklahoma City University.

A native of Oklahoma, Mr. Brown holds a bachelor's degree in Public Administration/Political Science from Central State University, Oklahoma. He received his J.D. from Oklahoma City University’s School of Law.


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Anonymous Jim Olson said...

"initiates proactive mitigation activities"

Means, he is supposed to have had the gummint's shit together BEFORE things turned into an epic disaster.

National Guard troops pre-positioned.
Food, water and medical supplies pre-positioned.

A plan to evacuate people once the levees (that they KNEW were going to break) in fact did flood over 90% of the city.

The important part of this is to remember that they government has spent billions of dollars on homeland security and this is the result we have. This is no different than having to evacuate a city after a major terrorist attack that has left a city uninhabitable. Evacuating over a million people should have been an easy thing for the government to do.

Additionally, the press and everyone should remember that NO did not bear the brunt of the hurricane, slightly to the east did. Areas Gulfport, Bay St. Louis and Biloxi may never be habitable again....effectively wiping those cities off the map. Little aid has reached those areas even TODAY...the msm is only now just reporting that aid is reaching NO.

I want to see the whole bunch of them from the President on down brought up on charges of criminal negligence and manslaughter. People died while George strummed...Cheney and Rice have been on VACATION.

I am so mad I am physically ill about this.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

well so far my fave is US Rep. Dennis Hastert, the Speaker of the House (Republican), who suggested they bulldoze New Orleans and just not rebuild it.

Down below, Bill Clinton heard what Hastert said, and said he would have assaulted him.

My top is blowing too. After a Natural Disaster like this, the first responders are traditionally thousands of troops from the National Guard -- first, restoring order and keeping people safe, then the first restored infrastrcture of drinking water, food and emergency medicine.

So, like, guess why the National Guard couldn't make it. They had a previous engagement overseas.

Seattle (Washington USA) Times
Saturday 3 September

By Charles Babington, The Washington Post

WASHINGTON -- House Speaker Dennis Hastert began his day yesterday explaining that he really does not want to see New Orleans bulldozed, and he ended it defending his absence from the Capitol when Congress approved a $10.5 billion hurricane-aid package.

In between, a former president hinted he would like to throttle the Illinois Republican.

Hastert still was reeling from reaction to his comments earlier this week about the storm-ravaged city. "It looks like a lot of that place could be bulldozed," he said in an interview with the Daily Herald of Arlington Heights, Ill.

Hastert later issued a statement saying he was not "advocating that the city be abandoned or relocated." But Louisiana Democrats were incensed. Gov. Kathleen Blanco demanded an apology. "To kick us when we're down and destroy hope, when hope is the only thing we have left," she said, "is absolutely unthinkable for a leader in his position."

In Syracuse, N.Y., President Clinton was discussing New Orleans' dilemma when someone described the comments. Had they been in the same place when the remarks were made, Clinton said, "I'm afraid I would have assaulted him."

Hastert again tried to smooth things over. Shortly after a small number of House members unanimously approved the $10.5 billion relief plan at about 1 p.m., he issued a statement saying, "Our prayers and sympathies continue to be with the victims of Hurricane Katrina. In times like these, it is more important than ever for Americans to stand united in helping our fellow citizens."

But there was one problem: Hastert was not in Washington, D.C. He was in Indiana attending a colleague's fund-raiser, staff members said, and he later attended an antique-car auction. By 4 p.m., Hastert had reached the Capitol, eager to explain his tardiness.

"Yes, I went to a charity auction," Hastert said. "I took one of my cars and sold it for tens of thousands of dollars. And that money will go to hurricane-relief efforts."

Washington Post reporter Dan Balz contributed to this report.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

oh thanks for the translation from the bureaucrat gibberish!

"initiates proactive mitigation activities"
"initiates proactive mitigation activities"
"initiates proactive mitigation activities"
"initiates proactive mitigation activities"
"initiates proactive mitigation activities"

Blogger pat's pub said...

Just a few days before Katherine hit New Orleans, the US Embassy in Berne, Seitzerland donated a cheque of 50'000 USD to local flood victims (a quarter close to the embassy including the local Zoo was severely damaged)
Today the Swiss guvmint confirmed that they have agreed to send First Aid to New Orleans.
Now I don't mind that, those people need our help.
But what I have a hard time with is that King George II and the other Pinheads were constantly bragging how supercool and powerful America is, that they have Everything Under Control and that Old Europe is just a piece of
And now they gladly accept our help.
Just imagine this disaster would have happened a year ago, before the election...


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