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23 September 2005

2 doorknockers filched from the blog

1. Prague/Praha

2. Tunisia


Anonymous despicableteacher said...

hmmm, practising your Portuguese?

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

oh i really like this guy's blog, even tho I can't understand 94% of it.

remember this guy? First I found his own original lyrics to Manu Chau's "Me Gustas Tu" and stole them and posted them on Vleeptron. He sang

me gusta Liberdad

and I blew that line up HUGE!

He e-mailed me wondering why. So I showed him the Vleeptron Post about how Amnesty International started -- the two Lisboa boys who were imprisoned by PIDE for drinking the toast to Liberdad.

He thanked me for explaining. He didn't know that story or AI's connection to Salazar's Portugal (he is young-ish, maybe 30-ish), but when he was in high school, his first history research paper was about Amnesty International.

His head has been into that stuff ever since. This week he posted a very nice Memorial to Simon Wiesenthal.

(and Bob Left a Comment.)

(and stole those two doorknockers.)

Obrigado for Leaving A Comment!

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

But I learned a new Portugues phrase today. Nelson Santos left a comment on his Weisenthal tribute, some Portugues flowers under the dead man's photograph:

Paz à sua alma ...


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