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23 September 2005

If you believe in Vleeptron ...

Publicke Notices

1. Kulchur Vulture Voyage

Starting Monday 26 September, Vleeptron's neverending torrent of pretty pictures and words will cease for about a week. SWMBO and I will be hopping on the Zeta Beam to take our annual Kulchur Vulture Voyage to Ontario Canada to see some Theater.

Among other things, we gonna see Ms. Amanda Plummer as Joan of Arc / Jeanne d'Arc in Jean Anouilh's "The Lark," English adaptation by Lillian Hellman. (Please do not spoil it for us by telling us what happens at the end.)

Ms. Plummer is perhaps best known to this crowd as the mousy little teenage babe who jumped up on a table and yanked out two huge automatic pistols and began shooting up the pancake restaurant in the film "Pulp Fiction." A few summers ago we saw her old man Christopher at this same theater festival as King Lear.

2. As for when Vleeptron will be back ...

Well, this depends on You, beloved Readers. When we come home again, I will check to see if there are any New Comments.

This is one of those deals like when Peter Pan asks the audience to applaud if they believe in Fairies, to save the life of Tinkerbell, because the Evil Captain Hook has poisoned her.

If there are lots of New Comments when I get back, Vleeptron will live again!

But if there are no Comments ... and there have been so few lately ...


Olde Vleeptron had wonderful treasures! Virtual Non-Existent Toon Pixel Porn! Big Disney Mice and Ducks with all kinds of nasty cooties in their dirty underpants! Every day on Vleeptron was something wonderful!
But it's been So Hard to Find ... until Now! But Google to the Rescue! Google now has a HOT NEW SUPER INDEX of almost every old Vleeptron Post!!! Go HERE. It's Google's new BLOG SEARCH ENGINE! Type in Vleeptron. Then click on Sort by Date! You'll get a wonderful list of short samples of almost every old post of Vleeptron! SWONDERFUL! SMARVELOUS!


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