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25 April 2005

Vleeptron Days of the Week

The Days of the Week on Vleeptron:

0. Linguiça
1. Bratwurst
2. Wienerday
3. Kielbasa
4. Andouille
5. Bangerday
6. Haggis

bratwurst Notes: This is made with pork and sometimes veal, and seasoned with subtle spices. It usually needs to be cooked before eating, though some markets carry precooked bratwurst.. Substitutes: weisswurst OR boudin blanc OR bockwurst. (from The Cook's Thesaurus)


Blogger SteveHeath said...

Posting stories about Virgins is one thing, but posting photos of fecal products seems hardly an enticer to more Blog traffic, unless you're looking for big dogs with happy grins due to their living in a house with a catbox.

Steve in Southern U.S.
no tubular foods here except for good ol' Ballpark Franks.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

When I've cooked my All-The-World's-Sausages Stew for the shelter (I'm cooking homemade mashed potatoes tonight!), the guests certainly do not react as if I was making Turd Stew.

In each of these Tubular Things is The Spirit of Your Ethnic Grandma. Your Nana. Your Babushka. Your Grandmere. Gramma.

You spear a hunk of one of these suckers on your fork, hold it up, smell it, bite into it -- and though you are homeless, addicted, chronically ill, 48 years old, broke, cold, profoundly depressed ...


There is Happiness of Wonderfully Happy Childhood Times in every one of these suckers. The Wurst is the Best!

Blogger pat's pub said...

Weeel I dunno whatcha guys dewn in th' sewth or new goddam ingland considers' a gewman Bratwurst bu' I can tell ya y' don' looks lika gewman Bratwurst to me a' all ! New tha' sumthn' obscen bewt that pictu' of yaws bu' I can' quite put ma finga onit. Jus' don' look lika real Bratwurst to me..Yeseerybob !

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Perhaps you are confusing Cooked and Ready-to-Eat bratwurst in a bun, with Uncooked bratwurst just as it is created in the slaughterhouse.

When you order a bratwurst in a restaurant, they certainly never give you something that looks like this. But the chef in the kitchen sees it like this. He/she knows that this is one of the avatars of bratwurst.

Politicians say: Lawmaking is like sausage-making. You don't want to look too closely at the details.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

There is an American farm-country sausage called Scrapple, more like a pudding that you fry for breakfast than a sausage.

But when you ask a farmer what's in it, he says: "Everything but the squeal."

Why throw away a perfectcly good nose or curly tail? That's what sausage-grinding machines are for.

Blogger Joana said...

I can't see «alheira» on your list.

Find out what it is! Btw it was invented by Portuguese Jews to fool the king's inspectors on as to who was keeping kosher....


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