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10 April 2005

Bitte, blog mich!

These people say they will give me Free Stuff or Free Vleeptron Ballyhoo throughout the Five-Planet System if I say right here right now.

It's a little like mumbo-jumbo abracadabra magical incantations, isn't it? I type just exactly the right thing here, and then soon, in some unspecified way, Good Things Happen to Vleeptron. And I think if You Click on the above incantation, a good thing will happen to you, and even Better Things will happen to Vleeptron. I think that's how it works. Try it. I am new to the Blogosphere and am largely clueless about exactly how it works.

But anyway, Google said these nice Technorati ppl (I think they are physically located in San Francisco) ran

thus disseminating it throughout the Blogosphere. (So far the only way I know to disseminate Vleeptron is to stand on a kitchen chair and yell out the window, I am not very Internetally advanced, but I'm working on it.

I guess that means they liked my post.

But not necessarily.

I got this e-mail from this blogger guy and he says he has taken the liberty of re-posting

and i am of course flattered and I reply Why thanks stranger! Guess that means ya liked my Vleeptron post, huh?


>Original Message
>From: George Kysor
>Sent: 3/19/2005 11:17:37 AM
>Subject: Sampled

Hope you don't mind that I copied one of your posts in my "Sampler" blog.

George Thomas Kysor


ArrivalTime: 19 Mar 2005 19:39:33.0151 (UTC)

Wow! Wow! You sampled me! That is SOOOOO Youth-Like!

Can I make the logical leap that if you sampled my blog, you like my blog? I'm still real new to the Culture of Sampling.

Nice thang also about Lincoln. That's him shrieking as a young congressman against James K. Polk's Mexican War. Have you read Sandberg's biography of Lincoln? Gosh, it's just such a wonderful book, about a wonderful life. And he was REALLY FUNNY!



From: George Kysor
Sent: 3/19/2005 4:28:12 PM
Subject: RE: Sampled

I don't necessarily judge blogs on my likes or dislikes (which would be an arbitrary value-judgment) but, instead, try to choose them on the bases of whether or not they would be of interest, or informative, to the general reader (which is likewise an arbitrary value-jugement).

I haven't read Sandberg's book on Lincoln, but I've read this:

George Thomas Kysor


----- Original Message -----
From: Robert Merkin
To: George Kysor
Sent: 3/19/2005 5:36:17 PM
Subject: RE: Sampled

Well, that's a blog, allright, there's no doubt that that woman's Lincoln thing is a blog.

But you should give yourself a treat and read the Sandberg bio. The life is so ... big ... and the book (written by a poet, not a scholar or historian) so matching in the scope of the life, that this woman's take on Lincoln isn't wrong so much as irrelavent and meaningless. (Like the physicist said of the new theory: "It's not even wrong!") I've never quite read anything about Lincoln that so thoroughly missed the century and so thoroughly missed the crisis. She arrives at precisely the same conclusion as John Wilkes Booth.

Not every icon inevitably and properly should be smashed. Some people really were great, even now and then a political leader, and we're awfully lucky they were there when they were needed.



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