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11 March 2005

answer worth: 3 Vleeptron pizza slices

Mike answered correctly! 3 slices of Vleeptron Pizza are added to his account! But he answered via e-mail, so I'll keep the question here:

What happened in London, England on September 7, 1752?


Blogger Derek said...

Nothing happened!!! There was no Sept 7.152. 11 days were lost

Blogger Derek said...

1752 sorry

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Okay, if Vleeptron ever figures out how to get all this pizza to places like Boulder, Derek's got himself 3 slices! The answer is indeed:

NOTHING happened in London England on 7 September 1752!

I've read a rumor that when the new Gregorian calendar was introduced into England, people became convinced that it was a Scheme by the elite to rob ordinary people of 12 days of their lives, and there were riots in the cities.

Well, I don't know how silly I would have thought that idea was. Changing the whole calendar is a Big Jolt in everybody's waking life. If Bush announced he was changing the calendar next week, would you have an easy time trusting his reasons why? What would you think of the New American Cheney-Rumsfeld-Wolfolitz Patriot Calender designed under a contract from Haliburton?

Everyone please wave at Smart Derek and note that he's a fan of Henryk Gorecki (pronounced gaw-RET-ski). Goreck's 3rd Symphony hit the top of the mainstream (not just the classical) album charts in the UK maybe 12 years ago. It's an eery, hypnotic, remarkable piece of modern music, and it's actually ABOUT something tremendously big and important. I like the version with Dawn Upshaw warbling the vocal solo.


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