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04 March 2005

free software that sucks

Publicke Notice

Vleeptron wishes to apologize for the recent absence of images.

Blogspot/Blogger (free) comes with Picasa2 (free) which manages images, and Hello (free) which moves the images to Vleeptron. For a week or two, Hello worked fine, and so you got images, which I sincerely hope you enjoyed.

Then Hello crapped out. Not just for me, but for lots of annoyed, frustrated bloggers who have been leaving annoyed, frustrated messages on the Hello help forum.

Would you like to see images on Vleeptron again? Go here:

and maybe you can post a complaint about how Hello has crapped out and you can't see any images on Vleeptron anymore.

Hello is free, and maybe I shouldn't complain when free software doesn't work. I've already asked if they can recommend something that costs something that would work. They didn't bite on that one.

A robot keeps sending me e-mail and posting notices on their help forum that says they have a download fix. Tried it many times. It doesn't work.

Anyway, good luck dealing with these incompetent people and their unresponsive robots.

But I would like to be able to post pretty pictures again. Make as much rude noise as you can. I think Google owns all this wonderful free software.

Thank you all very much.


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