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08 March 2005

Pizza for Christians! (Western Christians only)

Here comes Peter Cottontail
Hoppin' down the Bunny Trail
Hippity-Hoppity Easter's on its way ...

What's the date of Easter Sunday 2005? (This question isn't even worth one shake of Kraft grated processed cheese product.)

But this question is worth 4 pizza slices:

What's the date of Easter Sunday 2367?

This question applies only to Western Christian churches, Protestants, Roman Catholics. The pizza is not being offered to members of Orthodox churches, like Greek or Russian, because they celebrate Easter on a different date, and I have no clue how that works.

Actually you don't have to be any kind of Christian to win the pizza. Just tell me the date.


Blogger Mamagiggle said...

March 28, BTW its harder than you think to predict, Easter is calculated (you know this, yes?) by the first sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Oh Pagan Soul of Christianity shine forth in wicked crazy beauty!
Hang on while I do the Calculations

Blogger Mamagiggle said...

Easter: April 16th, 2367.
No pizza for me, I'm watching my figures.
What else ya got?

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

kuh-KRASH!!! (sound of me having a stroke and falling over on my keyboard.)

You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! In 2367, Peter Cottontail will hippity-hop to the end of the Bunny Trail and reach Easter Sunday on 16 April.

(Well, you know what the President of Harvard says about women and their science and math brains ...)

It took me about a week to write a program that could do this trick, and blood was trickling out of my ears.

Why it is this way is a conspiracy by the German Jesuit mathematician Christopher Clavius (that's his crater with the monolith in "2001") and the Neapolitan astronomer Aloysius Lilius. I think they were drunk the night they cooked this up.

Hmmm ... whaddya want in lieu of 4 pizza slices? I got some endives in the fridge. Celery and endives are Negative Calory Foods -- chewing them burns more calories than they have calories.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

The first worthless question, I think you meant 27 March 2005. If you show up on 28 March, that will be Monday, and the church will probably be locked, and the eggs will all be gone.

Blogger Mamagiggle said...

That's me always a day late and a dozen short. My short term always falls short of my long term. Not very zen of me I guess.
Delta T to convert Ephemeris Time to Universal....I'm full of shit, just use google, it's quicker.
Twere fun to pretend for a minute that I wuz sum kind of genius.

Blogger Mike said...

Well, the answer was long posted before I even saw the question, but I thought that I'd help Bob out on this one. I wrote this today as kind of a fun little project. It's obviously Perl, and can run on any platform as is. There was some extra stuff I threw in for ease of programming, like I'm pretty sure that there will never be a year that Easter will be in November, but it made it easy to code. Sue me.

$y = $ARGV[0];
$a = $y%19;
$c = $y%100;
$b = ($y-$c)/100;
$e = $b%4;
$d = ($b-$e)/4;
$temp = ((8*$b)+13) % 25;
$g = (((8*$b)+13)-$temp)/25;
$h = (((((19*$a)+$b)-$d)-$g)+15)%30;
$k = $c%4;
$j = ($c-$k)/4;
$temp = (($a+11)*$h)%319;
$m = ((($a+11)*$h)-$temp)/319;
$r = (((2*$e)+(2*$j)-$k-$h+$m+32)%7);
$temp = ((($h-$m)+$r)+90) % 25;
$n = (((($h-$m)+$r)+90)-$temp)/25;
$p = (((($h -$m)+$r)+$n)+19)%32;
print ("\nEaster in ",$y," is on ", $months[$n-1]," ",$p,".\n");

Blogger Mike said...

Yes, I get bored very easily. I thought it would be cool to convert that Perl code to Javascript so that it could be run on a web site. Stupid part about that is, I don't really know Javascript. So I had to learn a little bit. It works. It's UGLY, but it works.


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