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07 February 2005

you know this, you're smart

You tell me what and where this is. Free slice of pizza, somehow, to first correct post.


Blogger Bob Merkin said...

My nephew, Kwak, has sent me a private message indicating that if you ask for Properties, my image filename ends in "icelandic." But Finding That is an authentic variety of Smart, so Kwak is smart, smart, at least, as Pakleds.

But Kwak is Less Smart than Pakleds in thinking the image shows signs on men's and women's bathrooms.

You might be smarter than Pakleds. Look, here's a Hint. Look at the shapes of the cards. Those circles are there for a reason. I stole this from Iceland, you can figure it out.

Blogger Mike said...

Looks to me like, "Maid Service", and "do not disturb" for your hotel room. Of course, my Icelandic really sucks, so it could mean "I dare you to mail me a slice of pizza to Nevada". Who knows.

Blogger Amy said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Amy said...

Did someone say pizza? *sniffs the air*...

Can I trade the grits n guts meal at Flo's diner for pizza...I do love pizza...

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

MIKE is certifiably as smart as or smarter than Pakleds! Indeed, this was the card for the outside doorknob of my hotel room in Reykjavik! And those are the messages!

Which one is which? I forget. I will research this and get back to all of you. But there's a word on one side that says something that looks like "rest" ...

Amy ... you must answer the question to get the free pizza.

And now I must figure out how to get a slice of pizza to Mike in Nevada. Is there a pizza joint near you that takes PayPal?

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Wait a minute, boy am I a dummy. (Actually I'm just waking up and I can't find a syringe to shoot coffee directly into my heart.)

I just found the original stolen hotel sign, which also has English translations. Otherwise all the tourists would be inviting the maid into the room while they were sleeping or having sex with Björk Guðmundsdóttir.

The side with "ekki" = "Do not disturb" and the other side = "Please make up my room!"

That thing that looks like a d with a little cross at the top is pronounced TH. The Icelandic parliament -- oldest such sucker in the world -- is called the AlTHing.

Blogger Amy said...


I answered the question about the insulin molecule a few years ago correctly.


I helped Mike? Or...Mike will share his pizza with me? :)

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Yes yes Amy I know I owe you a dinner at the Fabulous Miss Florence Diner for looking at all the pretty colored spheres and identifying them as insulin. Two problems have intervened:

1. You live in the American Southwest, and me and the Miss Florence Diner are in New England, and if you've been in my neighborhood, you forget to phone me.

2. Sadly, the MFD changed ownership and the new owner really crapped it up. If you ever do get here, I will take you to an Equivalent Fabulous Diner or restaurant, I promise, and you won't have to eat the honeycomb tripe or grits.

Pizza slice is yours, I am just a neverending cornucopia of pizza slices. Also see the latest post about interglobal air travel, it ends in another Pizza Slice Puzzle.

BTW have you found a cure for diabetes yet? I've sort of been counting on you all these years. I really perked up when you just looked at all the pretty colored balls and knew they were insulin.


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