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30 January 2005

me riding the Zeta Beam to Vleeptron

This is me, riding the Zeta Beam that takes me from Earth, which is a real mess these days, to Vleeptron, a planet which has its head screwed on straight in the nearby galaxy Dwingeloo 2.

The cool thing about the Zeta Beam is that it takes about 3 seconds to get from Earth to Vleeptron. The annoying thing is that the Zeta Beam picks me up on an odd, inconvenient schedule, from a different spot each time, so if I want to go to Vleeptron, I have to travel somewhere new each time -- a glacier, a volcano, a desert, a Piggly Wiggly, a cheese shop -- and be ready for it. If I miss it, another Zeta Beam won't come around for a couple of months.

Notice my space laser blaster phaser pistol. I never know where the Zeta Beam will dump me on Vleeptron, and there are often unexpected dangers waiting. Once I was set down in the middle of a convention of mutual fund sales representatives, once I was in a backyard with a flock of geese, and another time there I was surrounded by not-for-profit social service providers.


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