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10 June 2006

My Daughter Is An Honor Student yadda yadda yadda / Blogs = Good / = Evil

97.4 percent of what makes people fall wild and crazy in love can be transmitted entirely via computer ASCII text. You don't ever have to touch, see, hear or smell the other person.


The Associated Press
Saturday 10 June 2006

Teen's MySpace rendezvous
in West Bank thwarted

by David N. Goodman

DETROIT, Michigan USA -- A 16-year-old honor student from Michigan tricked her parents into getting her a passport and then flew off to the Mideast to be with a West Bank man she met on, authorities say.

U.S. officials in Jordan persuaded her to turn around and go home before she reached the West Bank. She was on her way home Friday.

The teen is a straight-A student, her father said. "She's a good girl. Never had a problem with her," he said. is a social networking Web site with more 72,000,000 members that lets users post photos, blogs and journals.

There have been scattered accounts of sexual predators targeting minors they met through the site.

The student, who lives with her mother about 80 miles north of Detroit, disappeared Monday after talking her family into getting her a passport by saying she was going to Canada with friends, sheriff's officials said. They said she apparently planned to visit a man whose MySpace account describes him as a 25-year-old from Jericho and whom she contacted about three months ago.

The FBI traced the teenager to a Wednesday flight from New York's Kennedy Airport to Tel Aviv. At a scheduled stop in Amman, Jordan, U.S. officials persuaded her to return home, the FBI said.

MySpace forbids youngsters 13 and under from joining and provides special protections for those 14 and 15 -- only people on their list of friends can view their profiles. Older users also have the option of restricting certain personal data so it can be seen only by people they have identified as friends.

A sheriff's official said it was unclear whether a law had been violated because of the teenager's age.

The age of sexual consent in Michigan is 16, and the teen turns 17 on June 21.

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Blogger negativenelly said...

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Blogger negativenelly said...

i have joined and quit myspace a number of times. not because I think it's evil per say, but it just has this annoying aspect of featuring flash (kind of the internet technology of the devil) on almost every page. joining myspace is basically submiting to a barrage of suggested social commitments and advertisements, many of which are hard to sort out, since the site is, by design, a tool for social networking. yet it's pervasive, and requires the user to register to get access to some of the good stuff. so yesterday I took another hack at starting a blog that was interesting, but at the same time didn't get way too personal like a lot of them do these days.
Vleeptron Pizza Award Winning Author Ben ******** (1994, Pulp Fiction) and action hero (1997, Fire Down Below) stars in the most compelling drama to hit theaters since....

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

I don't think it's particularly Evil either. But I like calling things Evil because President Bush talks to the American people as if they were all in kindergarten and says everything is Evil, and it seems to work -- we elected him (or did something similar) twice. So is Evil. It's just Evil.

I don't want to join MySpace but sometimes people on IRC (that's Evil, too) want me to see their site on MySpace so I want to oblige and then I have to fill out all kinds of personal information, which I find profoundly Evil just to try to read something.

This week I've wanted to write an e-mail to the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs (who is Evil) to tell him how Disappointed i am in the DVA for letting a burglar steal one of their laptops which contained all the personal information about 50 gazillion Veterans and Active-Duty military. The DVA's website wants me to give its Complaint Message Form all sorts of personal information before I can Share My Feelings with Secretary Nicholson (who's Evil).

A lot of times an on-line newspaper wants you to answer just 3 questions "so we can serve you better" before you can read their stories. If you tell a website

* your gender
* the year you were born
* your Zip code

you have just told them enough information to specifically identify about 95 percent of the population.

I don't know. Is it Evil to lie if, by Telling The Truth, you're about to get a hose shoved up your butt filled with hot caustic soda?

I'm a gorgeous female who was born in 1988 and my Zip code is 22133.

Oh -- about this story ... ONLY an Honor Student can figure out how to get from the Detroit suburbs to Amman Jordan International Airport on a 16-year-old's allowance, so she can meet a guy she fell in love with on MySpace.

Honor Students are Evil.

Blogger Abbas Halai said...

heh irc is/was/will be the true evil doing machine. it's like the black market of the web. the true underground. i love it.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

the most popular client software on Internet Relay Chat, mIRC (the IRC Windows platform) is written by an Anglo-Syrian, Khaled Mardam-Bey, who lives in London and went to uni in my old neighborhood in Washington DC, at American University. His personal website shows beautiful photos of the Damascus tomb of al-Saladin. KMD is a tireless and strident advocate of human rights, particularly in the Middle East.

If the only thing he ever did was write this nerd code called mIRC, I would nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize. Any night I wander into IRC, the next thing I know I am chatting with people who live in Jakarta, the Balkans, Malta, Bangalore, Pakistan, the Maldives -- and a few times a grrrlie from .FO ... okay, you tell me -- half a slice of pizza -- where the heck that is. It ain't easy to get to, and never was.

In an age where governments really WANT us to believe that everybody's Evil, IRC and mIRC let people on opposite sides of the Planet chat with each other the way I chat with my neighbor across the street. IRC has let me discover thousands of times that people on the other side of the Planet do not microwave Girl Scouts. IRC is the Anti-Television, the Anti-CNN, the Anti-Fox -- a channel of electronic communication that just spews Truth all over you.

Blogger Abbas Halai said...

heh truer words ne'er spoken. i personally manage #pakistan on undernet and can be found on #iraq, #afghanistan, #kashmir etc etc as well.


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