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08 January 2006

why bob doesn't work for newspaper asshole fascist slaveowner wannabe bosses anymore

why is
Wesley Pruden wiser and more powerful than the reporters and editors who work for him at the washington times? because he has the authority to fire any of them he wants whenever he wants to, and they need the job.

Pruden has chosen the season when Microsoft has been assisting the Peoples Republic of China to censor blogs to ... well knock me over with a feather ... censor his newsroom employees' personal private blogs.

right smack dab in the capital city of the United States of America, in a Newspaper that gets away with printing all the crap it prints because it's protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, the part of the First that guarantees every citizen's Freedom of Speech.

I don't think Pruden has the power to throw his bloggers into prison. all he can do is threaten, intimidate and fire them if they don't kiss his holy ass. (he likes it anti-clockwise)

the washington (dc) times is owned by the Unification Church

although C-Span hardly ever says so when they invite a guest from the washington times onto a phone-in TV show. brian lamb pretends the guest is just another professional journalist and talks with the guest as if we're getting some sort of journalistic objectivity here.

brian and the other C-Span hosts are too dainty to talk about who owns the washington times, so they leave it to phone-in callers to have to tell the operator they want to talk about Iraq or Tom DeLay and then when they get through and are on the air live, they have to bring up the Rev Moon Thing, because C-Span won't.

Rev Sun Myung Moon
has spent way much much more time in prison (tax fraud) than Bob has. (I've been to prison twice recently, but I was carrying a Just Visiting card.)

maybe brian lamb is a moonie, ya think?

now and then the Unification Church's theology maintains that the Rev. Moon is a reincarnation of Jesus Christ, right here on Earth right now.

this is Jesus' English-language daily newspaper for Washington DC. Nobody buys it, nobody reads it, it sucks. when a right-wing member of Congress wants to justify torture or indefinite detention without trial, habeas corpus, due process or inspection by the International Red Cross, he holds up an editorial from the washington times.

Unification Church/Moonies also owns United Press International / UPI. I hope you haven't been believing anything they've been telling you. Trust Agence-Vleeptron Presse instead.


Date/Time: 1/6/2006 9:07:11 AM

Washington Times staffers
need permission to blog

Posted By: Jim Romenesko

Memo from Washington Times editor-in-chief Wesley Pruden


From: Wes Pruden
Date: January 4, 2006 3:59:48 PM EST
To: [Washington Times staff]

Any staff member who plans to set up or regularly contribute to an Internet blog, Web site, or other electronic billboard, posting service or message distribution system must first request and obtain permission from senior editors. We anticipate that most such requests will be granted if they come under these general conditions:

1) Writing and researching must be done on the employee's own time and not at work or during work hours.

2) The topic(s) must be different from those the employee generally covers for the newspaper. Employees are not to report on or publish anything concerning The Washington Times itself.

Similarly, any staff member who sends an e-mail or written correspondence or posts an item to a blog or other electronic posting service must always avoid comments that would reflect adversely on The Washington Times generally or the staff member's professionalism. Obviously, postings that are illegal, endanger or threaten safety, or violate copyright laws are also prohibited.

Employees, especially reporters and editors, should recognize that even though their comments may seem to be in their "private space," their words are a direct extension of the newspaper. This is because search engines, and particularly other blogs, can locate their posts. Thus, what an employee writes in his or her "private space" and on personal time can reflect back on the employee and the newspaper.

This is especially true if the topic is one that the employee covers for the newspaper. At a minimum, editorializing about a topic or person can reveal an employee's personal biases, if he or she has any; at worst, it could be used in a court of law to demonstrate a reporter or editor's predisposition, or even malicious intent, should someone bring a libel action against the newspaper for an unrelated story.

All this is entirely different from when reporters and editors "blog" for the newspaper's Web site. This is part of their official reporting and editing responsibilities. In this case, the blog is written as a news analysis and is edited before being posted.


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