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06 January 2006

faux postage stamps, faux WMD (keep looking)

Suddenly everything makes sense. Me and all my Mail Art / Stamp Art pals can get rich on e-Bay. If we all live through the Bush administration (his brother Jeb may try to run for U.S. President in '08, and if he wins, we'll all have to live through 2012 or 2016), Vleeptron guarantees these stamps may someday be valuable collectibles.

Unless in the interim somebody finally finds those Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction. Have SCUBA divers looked for them at the bottom of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers? That's just a suggestion, Vleeptron doesn't have any Inside Information.

Anyway, these stamps are for sale on e-Bay somewhere. Danke U.B. von Berlin!


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