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08 January 2006

Bob's All-Time Fave Monster: I Love My Love with a G

Vleeptron wishes to remind all Vleeptroids, Yobbofarians, Hoonettes, Dwingeloo2eusses and Earthers that "I Love My Love with a __" / "Monsters Express Their Love" is an Art Invitational. Please feel free to make your own Faux Postage Stamp or Piece of Art with the Next Unused Roman Alphabet Letter. You are on the Vleeptron Honor System: You must make your List of Adjectives from Memory.

Don't forget a Monster.


Anonymous patfromch said...

Now wo' the bloody hell is this supposed to be ???
Don't look monstrish to me, more like an abstract painting. It ain't from the Twilight Zone or CNN or any 50s hooror movie I can remember.
I've seen some monsters allright, but not that one. Explanation required for dumb country pumpkin

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Pat o the Alps is trolling for a hint.

it's the Monster of one of the most famous of all sci-fi movies.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

i mean this is a REALLY REALLY famous sci-fi movie, certainly on everybody's Top Ten All Time List.

you'd be ashamed if i gave you more hints, wouldn't you? you can do this.

Anonymous patfromch said...

Mass, I cannot tell
(Hamlet, gravedigger scene)

Am I that bloody stupid ? Doesn't ring a Jungian bell. Cannot associate it with anything. I'm at me wits end. I'm sure that once I know the source I'll go CRIKEY BLOODY HELL OF COURSE !
But at present ? ...
while I'm here, check out this story, you will LOVE it (and just to prove that I'm not the only Idiot in CH

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

okay, well, you've EARNED this hint!

although JUNG is one of Switzerland's most famous geniuses ...

don't think JUNG

think FREUD if you want to identify this Monster -- surely the scariest of All Possible Scary Monsters.

This is a Freudian Monster, not a Jungian Monster.


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