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15 January 2006

real-world e equation (Bristol England, actually)

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Blogger Abbas Halai said...

heh since when did vleeptron turn into a science blog? nice to see references to feynman nevertheless. that man was genius/crazy at the same time. but most genii are usually crazy and vice versa.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

hey hey Abbas ... How was your trip? Or are you still there? Vleeptron would be grateful for a few words from Asia to illuminate our darkness. How's the Musharraf government going to negotiate its way through the US military attack in the north? It's really hard from here to figure out how big a political crisis this is for the Musharraf government.

Vleeptron has always been hung up on Science. Politics and most news sadly reflect the human tendency to blunder around from bad to bad or from bad to worse. Too much of that makes me Very Grumpy.

Science and math -- smart people trying to do Science well -- there's a refreshing feeling of Positive Achievement to it, it gives me the sense that there's a human community always trying to make life on this rock better. Too much politics, and I want to disassociate myself from the human species. But a bath in Science makes me want to put on the "I'm A Human & Proud Of It" t-shirt. Lately I've been wondering how the same species can simultaneously make such a big mess and strive to do such clever and positive things.

The crazy/genius thing ... the Glenn Gould Fan Club (a List called f_minor, GG's favorite key) talks about this all the time. My personal take on it is that if you end up with an IQ of 200, most people are going to have a very hard time understanding most of what you're saying, and will end up concluding that you're crazy. Feynman enjoyed lecturing about science to non-scientists, but he was very clear to warn them that they couldn't really hope to understand much Science if they couldn't follow the Math at its foundation.

This Feynman thread strarted 'cause he always wanted to go to Ulan Bator, Mongolia but never quite got there; and Mongolia's having a political crisis of sorts at the moment.

Anyway do da Blog Search and follow Vleeptron's very old thread about Intelligent Design and Natural Selection and the "dummying-down" political attack on science education. Whenever Vleeptron gets too bummed out about Earth, we always take refuge in Science Stuff. That always makes us feel better.


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