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13 January 2006

hmmm what little Punk there was in Salt Lake City, this seems to be it

Steve/Stephen Egerton, formerly
of the Salt Lake City punk/anarchist band
The Urban Posers
purportedly the real band on which
the band in "SLC Punk!" was based.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

SLC Punk! [movie]

Directed by James Merendino
Produced by Sam Maydew / Peter Ward
Written by James Merendino

Matthew Lillard
Michael A. Goorjian
Annabeth Gish
Jennifer Lien

Music by

James Merendino
David Lee Roth
Bruce Slesinger
Elmo Weber
Elizabeth Westwood

Cinematography Greg Littlewood
Editing by Esther P. Russell
Distributed by Sony Pictures Classics
Released September 24, 1998
Running time 97 min.
Language English

SLC Punk! (1998) is a film directed by James Merendino; the title's SLC is an acronym for Salt Lake City. The movie is about a young punk, Stevo, an anarchist (though his views on anarchism would be considered, by most anarchists, to be that of a "poser" -- one that advocates a violent society) in the mid 1980s.

The story is based on real characters, though embellished to some extent. Many events in the movie, including party scenes, drug-crazed characters, and others are allegedly based on real events, although these may have been exaggerated.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The film outlines the daily lives of the seemingly only two punks in Salt Lake City, Stevo (who also narrates) and Heroin Bob (Stevo's best friend who, ironically, is afraid of all forms of drugs). The film is shot in documentary style, with constant soliloquies by Stevo. At a wild party, Stevo's life changes when Bob dies from an accidental drug overdose on what he thought were vitamins. Stevo decides to finally take his father's persistent advice to attend law school.

Stevo is commonly thought to be based on Stephen Egerton, who played for the Salt Lake punk band The Urban Posers, and eventually joined the L.A. band The Descendents. The real Steve never became a lawyer.

Salt Lake City

The entire film was shot on location in Salt Lake City, Utah, with numerous scenes taking place in locally well-known areas:

* Stevo's high school, which he calls "North High", is actually West High School and is near downtown Salt Lake City.

* The scene wherein Heroin Bob chastises Stevo for being wasted takes place atop "University Circle" at the University of Utah.

* Stevo introduces the "poseurs" in a scene shot in the Crossroads mall.

* Stevo and his girlfriend's acid dropping scene is shot at Memory Grove Park, a World War I memorial park.

* Many exterior street scenes occur just north of the Frank E. Moss Federal Courthouse in the downtown area.


The film includes many introspective looks at perceptions of anarchy and related schools of thought, while also exploring the punk culture and way of life. It also echoes of many other stories of oppression and coming of age, allowing many people who are not familiar with the culture to relate to the context of the film.

SLC Punk! can also be considered a contributor to the early-2000s increase of interest in punk rock culture and fashion, despite the film's inherent messages about said culture and fashion.


* Matthew Lillard as Stevo
* Michael A. Goorjian as Heroin Bob
* Annabeth Gish as Trish

[VLEEPTRON: a regular on "The X-Files," not related to the film star Lillian Gish]

* Jennifer Lien as Sandy
* Christopher McDonald as Stevo's dad
* Devon Sawa as Sean
* Jason Segel as Mike
* Adam Pascal as Eddie
* Til Schweiger as Mark
* James Duval as John the Mod
* Summer Phoenix as Brandy
* Chiara Barzini as Jennifer
* Kevin Breznahan as Chris
* Christina Karras as Jamie
* Russell Peacock as Jones


* Germany: 16
* Norway: 15
* UK: 15
* USA: R


* Runtime: 97 min
* Country of origin: USA
* Language: English
* Color: Color
* Sound Mix: Dolby

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Anonymous patfromch said...

Bob has mentioned THE DESCENDENTS. Now that brings back memories. They were funny and had very catchy tunes. Maybe I sould dig out me old records, haven't heard "Weinerschnitzel" in some time now.
I haven't seen that movie (I didn't even know Egerton was in it !!) but I'm going to check it out.
Note: Egerton is also active in the band ALL ( which is a sort of Descendents side project (basically the Descendents but with a different singer)
And if you think SLC is boring, just visit Berne on a Friday night..

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Egerton isn't in the movie, but the character Stevo is supposed to be based on Steve Egerton and his early punk days in SLC.

So I add Berne to Earth's Most Boring Cities. Also I was just reading that Wellington, New Zealand belongs on that list. Philadelphia has always had that kind of rep also. Any other nominees?

What's the point of building a city and dumping a few million people in it if it's going to be boring? Better to stay on the farm.

Anonymous patfromch said...

You can definetly add the city of Solothurn, Switzerland to your list. Beautiful little town, lots of baroque buildings, birthplace of Switzerland's biggest rock band ever (Krokus) and the biggest city in my area. But dead on a Friday Night


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