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15 January 2006

The Non-Jungian Monster

Don't read this post if you don't want to spoil one of the GREATEST SCI-FI MOVIES ever made! Much better to rent it and make some popcorn and watch it.

Okay, well, Vleeptron was all set to telephone 10' / Dieci Pizzeria in Bern and have them send Pat a gross (36cm) mitt doppelanchovie, but Pat has not figured out who this Monster is and what superfamous movie It came from. Even with A Big Hint -- that this Monster is NICHT ein Jungian Monster, aber ist ein FREUDIAN Monster.

If you read further, Alles werden klar sein.

~ ~ ~

The planet Altair-IV no longer exists, but it used to be the home of The Krell, a super-brilliant, super-advanced sentient race who had mysteriously vanished by the time space travelling explorers from Earth visited Altair-IV in their flying saucer (United Planets Cruiser C57D).

Only the Krell's architecture, self-repairing machines and nearly limitless power generators remained for the Earth visitors to marvel at. (Also they left behind some little music pellets -- each one about the size of a .22 caliber bullet -- and a Krell Pellet Player, which was sort of like an iPod.)

Beside the mystery of how The Krell vanished -- apparently in some overnight planet-wide cataclysm -- Altair-IV is mysteriously haunted by an invisible (but it leaves huge Monster footprints in the desert sand) Murderous Force which keeps ripping all Earth visitors limb from limb in the middle of the night. Only the scientist Morbius and his beautiful daughter Altaira seem to be immune and safe.

I'm sorry -- I can't bring myself to Solve The Mystery and Identify The Monster. But here's what It looks like. I personally believe

This Is The Scariest Monster
In The Universe.

Rent "Forbidden Planet." An early PizzaQ asked who wrote the original story that the screenwriters stole and futured up (and didn't have to credit or pay royalties to 'cause he'd been dead for 350 years).


1. Always camp in the woods with someone who runs more slowly than you.

2. Always swim in the ocean with someone who swims more slowly than you.


Anonymous patfromch said...

Eh ? Only heard the name of the fillum before, but have never seen it. I will definetly download it. I have a soft spot for old horror or sci-fi movies and things like The Twilight Zone or Outer Limits (though they are very difficult to find in Europe), but I seem to have missed on that one. Shame on me.
But at least I can tell you where you can download Nosferatu; Symphonie des Grauens for free (public domain)


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