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20 January 2006

Peche! Run for your Lives!

Click twice.
Obey official instructions.


Anonymous patfromch said...

Isn't this what YOUR GOVERNMENT wants you to believe ???
If their Scare Tactics even work on people like you then they have achieved their goal. They want to create a permanent State Of Fear, and at least I'm not going for that

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Yes indeed, although I will confess I have changed the Art Style a bit, this chart contains exactly the same text and colors as the Official Homeland Security Terrorism Attack Notice on the Homeland Security Department's website.

What's the matter? Don't you want America to be Safe? What are you? Unpatriotic?

Hmmm ... since Homeland Security came up with this crazy Color Scare Chart, how many days has it said LOW? And why isn't there a NONE box? Does that mean the government KNOWS that the terrorism attack threat will NEVER go away? How do they know that? Do they have Secret Machines that can See The Future? (Will I ever see Disneyland or EuroDisney? Will Angelina and Brad have a girl or a boy?)

Yes, this Piece of Official Daily Government Information is indeed designed to keep all Americans scared and frightened and cooperative and compliant every day for the rest of our lives. It's the official government BOO!!! Every Day Is Halloween In America From Now On!

This is the worst I can remember it, but America (Carter's an exception, but we got rid of him after just 4 years) has been running its foreign policy based on The Evil Faraway Non-Christian Fiend du Jour since Nixon.

By the way, how did Moammar Khadafy get out of the Official Evil Guy Club? He used to be our official Osama bin Ladin and Sadaam Hussein, but now he and the USA are just the best of pals. Neat trick after blowing a passernger airliner out of the sky. That's some rehabilitation act.

You think maybe somebody on the Web has a day-to-day comprehensive chart of how this Color Scare has gone up and down every day since it started? It would be really amusing to look at the correlation between Unhappy Political Events at the White House, and warnings of Upcoming Terrorist Attacks. Nothing gets your mind off scandal and incompetence like FEAR!!!!!!!!!

I just felt that Official Government Paranoia-Inducing Propaganda should be more artistically and creatively displayed. You can find the original model at the hsd / Homeland Security Department homepage.

Anonymous patfromch said...

I think it was Joseph Goebbels who said that one of the most important things that Porpaganda has to achieve is to make sure that poeople will not be confronted with actual problems. You don't start to worry about your job, the unemployment rate, social security, education, environment issues etc when your Government is constantly telling you that the most important thing is to fight them bloody terrorists because they are out there and ready to attack anytime anywhere. Sounds like its coming from a 50s sci-fi movie ("Earth vs The Flying Saucer), doesn't it ?
(On Ghaddafi: one of me old schoold mates is working for the Swiss Embassy in Tripolis. I could ask him what's going on)
I feel sorry for you Americans

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Tripoli! Cool! I only got clued in that it's Greek for "3 Cities" in my Olde Age. I always just assumed it was an Arabic place name. Doh.(Sound Homer Simpson makes when you tell him that 2+2 <> 5.) That burg has been around for a Long Time.

Anyway, the buzz I heard was that cheap Libyan factory labor is so important to the Euro industrial economy -- particularly the Italian economy -- that the USA was under constant diplomatic pressure from its major Western Euro allies to "kiss and make up" with Colonel Ghaddafi. His embassy in London also killed a London policewoman an unknown Libyan assassin shot out of an embassy window, but that crisis was resolved when the Brits let the entire embassy staff jump on a bus and go to the airport and get out of town. I grew up in Washington DC so I've always known foreign embassies are legally foreign property and local police can never take action against crimes on embassy property, but I never assumed I'd get a Free Ride to the Airport if I killed a police officer while I was on embassy property.

If you'd esxpressed your sympathy for my Patriotic Red White & Blue Underwear a year ago, I would have said "Thanks, I really appreciate that," but Things Have Been Happening during the past year: The American Body Politic is fighting back and proving to be surprisingly robust and vigorous.

First, there's Bush's Secret Domestic Wiretapping/Cybertapping. Looks like the Republican-controlled Congress won't take a strong stand against that, but the American Civil Liberties Union just filed a lawsuit against Bush over that, so eventually it's going to wind up decided by the Supreme Court. (Justice Ginsburg used to be the chief lawyer for the ACLU.) Nixon fell from being kneecapped by the Supreme Court (they forced him to release his secret tapes of his White House conversations) AND (a Demo-controlled) Congress.

Next, there's a HUGE corruption scandal going on involving hmmmm oh more than a dozen (almost all Republican) Congressmen, and every member of the House (the Lower House) has to stand for re-election in 2006. Voters are pissed off. If the Democrats show some organization and clarity and leadership (no guarantee they will), they could regain the House of Representatives, and the long Republican control of the Legislative Branch will be over during Bush's last 2 years in the White House.

The War In Iraq. Democrats are sleeping, but voters are not -- they're outraged and want this Sick Clown Show of All Bad News to end quickly.

All this is The Way The USA Political Machine was designed to work in the Original Instructions. The White House, the federal Courts, the Congress divide federal power in thirds and keep and eye on each other and spank each other when necessary. And the power to keep a leash on 2 of those branches is in the hands of the voters, the Lower House every 2 years, and every 2 years 1/3 of the Senate.

So the Senate could switch party control in 2006 too. But if just the House goes Demo, suddenly It Is Possible to Impeach Bush. The bumper sticker is becoming an increasingly common sight, at least in my Northeast. (

What's the most conservative Canton? What's the most liberal? Does any Swiss City have any kind of Bohemiatown or Greenwich Village?

In general historically, Democratic scandals are about Sex & Pleasure & Gratification, Republican scandals are about Power & Greed. (If that's the only issue, I vote Democratic.)

Vleeptron would like to take an Undeserved Bow and point out that a lot of the most effective political pressure against Bush and his Krazy Krew has come from Blogs and the Internet.


Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Oh, here's the Department of Homeland Security's ORIGINAL Daily Scare Color Chart. Same colors, same exact text, but don't you think I made it prettier? Now we can be terrified AND have Pretty Art at the same time!

But I DO think DHS should add a color box at the bottom for NONE (No Threat At All, Government Advises everybody to take the bus and the train and go have a picnic today). What Color should that be?


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