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09 January 2006

the ferocious violent sleazy adult battle to inject religious political and reproductive habit commands into the brains of millions of america's

this banner is at the top of every page
on the website of the
Concerned Women for America.

the ferocious violent sleazy adult battle to inject religious, political and reproductive habit commands into the brains of millions of america's little girls


hmmmm okay well i got this pal who is a lawyer and he wishes to live the life of a New Englande Countrie Squire so he buys this circa-1790 brick farmhouse (surrounded by a small farm) on top of this small mountain about 20 miles out of FairlyLargeCourthouseTown where his office is.

Also he is wishing immediately to make a Positive Neighbor Impression on the Current Inhabitants of this tiny mountaintop dorp, so he has this son of about Cub Scout or Boy Scout Age, so he e-mails away for the necessary materials and becomes a Boy Scout Leader and establishes a Boy Scout Troop, and begins inviting the neighbors to deliver their Male Children to him for the appropriate Scout initiations, rituals, busy healthy activities and uniforms.

And it's largely a success; many neighbor families are dutifully delivering their Male Children to my pal, and he is Scouting them up and over exactly as it says to do in the Boy Scout Troop Leader Handbook.

But he notices something slightly Odd.

He is phoning every Neighbor Parent and hitting every Neighbor Parent up to make their Male Children into Boy Scouts, and ALMOST everybody is Responding Positively.

Levine smiled and said, "Thanks, Mark, that's very interesting, I'll talk to Millie and Todd, we'll get back to you."

But Levine never got back to him.

Neither did Saperstein.

Or Goldman. Or Kaplowitz.

The Jews were not delivering their Male Children to Scouting.

Mark the Lawyer found this Odd. Inexplicable. He was considering being mildly insulted and feeling mildly rejected by it. Finally over a sandwich he told me this story and asked if, being Jewish, I might have any explanation or insight into this outre phenomenon.

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P.S. I whined until they let me join the Cub Scouts, but at the third meeting of my Pack, in the basement of a Methodist church in Bethesda Maryland USA, there was some kind of incident involving a girl and another Cub Scout, and I was dishonorably discharged. This was maybe 1955, I don't remember all the details.


[VLEEPTRON BALANCED & FAIR WARRANTY & TYPOGRAPHICAL ADVISORY: Vleeptron has done NOTHING to screw with the content or the typography of this item on the Concerned Women for America website, because to be perfectly candid, Vleeptron is scared of these women.]

Concerned Women for america

A+ for Alito
banner reproduced at top of this post

Girl Scouts’ Stumble
Boosts Christian-Based
American Heritage Girls

By Martha Kleder

Planned Parenthood connection
raises questions about GSA’s priorities.

What started as a local boycott of Girl Scout cookies in Waco, Texas, has blossomed into a nationwide investigation into the connection between the Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

At the same time, the Christian-based American Heritage Girls (AHG) is picking up new members and troop leaders thanks to the controversy.

"We are Christ-centered, not spiritually principled (GSUSA's words), and that makes a huge difference," American Heritage Girls founder Patti Garibay told CWA. "Just since the article in the March 22, 2004, USA Today, we have had 800,000 hits to our Web site, over 400 requests for information through the Internet, along with countless phone calls to our office, and we have been dealing with this issue for several weeks before that story ran."

Garibay added that AHG now has 2,800 girls enrolled and 450 volunteers across 22 states. Since this renewed attention on the Girl Scouts’ unwholesome alliances, Garibay says, Heritage has seen an increase in membership interest.

"We have 25 pending troops right now, and in just two days we have sent out 15 information kits. Those kits, which begin the troop charter process, have to be purchased, so that indicates serious interest," she added.

But while those contacts are boosting AHG ranks, Garibay says they are far from joyful.

"We have also been doing a lot of counseling," she added. "People are just heartbroken to learn of these activities between the Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood. However, this is really nothing new."

Girl Scouting’s secretive alliance

The alliance between the Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood appeared at first to be limited to the Bluebonnet Council of Girl Scouts in central Texas. It has since been revealed that the close association is nationwide and reaches to the top of the Scouting organization.

Girl Scouts CEO Kathy Cloninger admitted on NBC’s Today Show that many troops have alliances with Planned Parenthood and that those relationships would continue.

Across the nation the alliances have taken many forms:

* In Waco, Texas, the Bluebonnet Council places the national Girl Scout logo on posters for Planned Parenthood of Central Texas’ annual summer sex-education seminar for fifth to ninth graders.

* That Council also gave a "woman of distinction" award last year to the executive director of Planned Parenthood of Central Texas.

* Nevada’s Frontier Council Web site advertised a March 20 feminist conference featuring Planned Parenthood President Gloria Feldt and a workshop on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered issues.

* In 2003 the Girl Scouts of Connecticut honored a Planned Parenthood official for her outstanding work in promoting "healthy practices" in local troops.

* The Girl Scout leadership manual gives visits to health clinics like Planned Parenthood as an acceptable option for Brownie troops. Brownies are for girls six to eight years old.

These are just a few of the ties uncovered by Jim Sedlak of Stop Planned Parenthood International (STOPP), an American Life League affiliate. On April 5, STOPP plans to release a report, available on-line, listing all 315 councils of Girl Scouts of the USA, and their affiliation with Planned Parenthood.

"The alliance between the two groups is definitely supported at the highest levels of Girl Scouting," Ed Szymkowiak, STOPP’s national director, told CWA. "But one thing that has stood out in the investigation is just how local an issue this is. We have had councils that said they do not affiliate with Planned Parenthood, we have had councils that have refused to answer the question and still others have said they do not now, but will not rule out the possibility."

"One council executive director told us that there is nothing prohibiting a local troop leader from initiating such a relationship, even if the area council has no connections to Planned Parenthood," he added. "Parents really need to watch this issue on their local level."

Similar dilemma sparked AHG’s founding

Controversy has followed the Girl Scouts for some time. The Cincinnati, Ohio-based American Heritage Girls was formed in 1995 after "flexibility" was adopted within the Girl Scout promise, allowing girls to replace the word "God" with concepts of their own choosing.

Garibay says that was just one of many changes she witnessed.

"This issue about ties between the Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood is nothing new," she said. "We saw the same thing 10 years ago in our area that the folks in Waco just discovered. To this day, the Girl Scouts continue to align themselves only with pro-abortion groups. So, I was not surprised when The Waco Tribune ran an article indicating that the Girl Scouts USA had not apologized for the affiliation, but simply backed away to end the bad press."

Along with the abortion culture, the Girl Scouts also tacitly endorse lesbianism as an acceptable lifestyle.

"And it was in 1994 that then-Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders made positive comments about lesbian Girl Scout leaders," Garibay added. "We regularly hear from folks across the country about lesbian activity within their local troops or regional councils." Other efforts include a push to de-feminize the program by removing badges for all traditionally feminine or domestic-related pursuits and replacing them with career-focused activities.

The Girl Scouts have also taken steps to remove as many references to faith as possible from the program.

From the Girl Scouts of the USA Web page "Girl Scout Beliefs and Values," the national organization makes clear that its chief value is a "spiritual"-based diversity. Leaders receive the following instructions:

* Even if your troop is all of one faith, the Girl Scout meeting is not an appropriate place for prayers and hymns. Girl Scouts is not a religious organization.

* Help girls to be sensitive to all spiritual beliefs when picking readings for ceremonies, or songs for around mealtime. The songs and readings chosen can celebrate similarities as well as differences in beliefs. Avoid references to "God" as being a specific deity.

"Prayer is now banned at Girl Scout meetings," said Garibay. "When I was a Scout, you would at least say a brief prayer of thanks before snack time, or sing Christmas carols in December, but not anymore."

The purge of religion has been taken a step further, Garibay says. Even living out your own faith has become taboo.

"People are now being asked to step down as troop leaders because they, personally, are ‘too religious,’" she said.

American Heritage Girls: A growing option

"When developing American Heritage Girls, we wanted to make sure that Christian values would remain at the core," Garibay said. "We took the advice of my friends in the Boy Scouts, and we stay away from all government or United Way funding. [Editor’s note: About 60 United Way chapters have withdrawn support of the Boy Scouts over the Scouts’ refusal to allow homosexual troop leaders or members.]

"We operate on a charter system, so that the chartering organization owns the troop. We charter to churches and Christian schools, so that the AHG troop operates just like any other ministry under their wing.

"We require that all troop leaders sign a statement of faith," she added. "But the girls who attend are not required to. All girls are welcome."

If you would like more information on American Heritage Girls, either on troops in your area or starting one at your church or Christian school, visit the American Heritage Girls Web site.

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Anonymous Jim Olson said...

Make no mistake. Your friend's Jewish parent friends are not far off the mark in not having their children participate in Boy Scouting.

I was a Boy Scout my entire growing up years. I earned every merit badge, and attained the highest rank of Eagle Scout before my 16th birthday. I was even a member of the uber elite Order of the Arrow, a group within Scouting that one is only elected to by your fellow scouts, and attained the venerable status of Vigil member.

When it became clear that I was gay, Scouting turned its back on me. I loved Scouting. I loved the activities, I loved what I learned. Much of the strength of character I posess I gained from my father, a Scouter, and from my Scoutmaster, Mr. Doherty, a truly decent and remarkable man.

Scouting today has been hijacked by evangelical Christianity and by the Mormons. It is, in fact, the official youth group of the Mormon Church and as such, has begun to adjust its teachings to conform to the Book of Mormon teachings, as well as strictly conservative evangelical Christian teachings.

Jews, Muslims and atheists would find little benefit to belonging to Scouting, which is really unfortunate. The founder of Scouting, Lord Baden-Powell envisioned an organisation for boys (and later girls) that would transcend ethnic and religious boundaries, and teach these children morals and ethics based certainly on religious teachings, but only on those religious teachings that are common to all faith groups.

Scouting is poorer for its turn to the evangelical and conservative right. You might remember several years ago the Supreme Court case that eventually decided that Scouting was a private organisation and could in fact bar openly homosexual men from being leaders and boys who publicly iterated homosexual tendencies from participating. Scouting lost great advocates and participants...I love Scouting, and now I will never, NEVER participate in this organisation again. I mailed my Eagle certificate back to the national offices (now in Texas) several years ago and asked them to take me off the rolls and their mailing list. It is still quite painful. My Eagle medal is still in my keepsake box, but I never talk about Scouting to anyone anymore.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

different for me. it just gives me the creeps to see 60,000 12-year-olds all dressed alike and marching in the same direction singing the same song, even if it's "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt."

there was always something Wrong in my head I think

one of Vleeptron's first posts, in a series about Scouting, re-posted Gene Autrey's Cowboy Code. For circa 1940 -- hell, for circa 2006 -- Gene insisted his young buckaroo followers adhere to a highly sophisticated and politically advanced, humane, tolerant Code.

ya want me to repost the GA Cowboy Code? with of course some Vleepanalysis.

When it's Healthy and not in the grip of the Ultrarightwing, is Scouting supposed to Civilize millions of young little heathens into the Path of Civic Virtue and Positive Achievement?

me, my instincts were always to wander around alone, or in small hand-picked gangs.

okay well anyway, now the too-liberal Girl Scouts have a Right-Wing competitor: The American Heritage Girls.

But is there also a Parents' Revolt to the Left -- is there a Scouting competitor, for Boy and Girls, that pushes an Ultra-Tolerant, Ultra-Humane, Ultra-Respect-for-every-Individual Agenda? Or are kids from communities and families like that just doomed to have to wander the streets alone, unorganized, unfocused?

Anonymous Jim Olson said...

Scouting is based on these two things. Boys had it first, and girls adapted it.

1. The Scout Oath.

On my honour, I will do my best, to do my duty to God and my country, to obey the Scout Law and to help other people at all times.

2. The Scout Law.

A Scout is

and Reverent.

There is nothing in either of these tenets that defines which God or which form of reverence...and it seems to me I recall there being a variety of opportunities for faith expression, not just Christian, in several of the awards that one could earn.

Imagine how much better the world would be if we lived by these really liberal ideas.

There is a group called "Scouting for All" that uses the same ideas and activities of scouting, but without the homophobia and Christian exclusivism


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