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13 December 2005

hurry up and fix the goddam Zeta Beam already, This Planet's A Mess!

Vleeptron's skilled technicians are working
around the clock to fix the Zeta Beam
so we can get off this fucked-up planet.

patfromch schreibt:

The Greater Sydney Area is one of the most rapidly expanding regions I have ever seen. For a contry boy like me this was most fascinating, but it must be every city planner's nightmare.

About ten years ago, rural towns like Camden or Campelltown were about a good hour's drive away from the city center.

Since a new highway and a new tunnel have been built this destance has been reduced to half an hour which of course means easier access to the suburbs. And they are growing like mad. Model homes are cheap, and an artificial suburb can be built with astonishing speed. I've seen it and it's not a pretty sight.

And who wants to live in Sydney anyway ? The Inner city is allright, but quarters like Liverpool, Parramatta or Redfern are not places where you wanna raise kids nowdays.

So they all move to these new artificial suburbs like Mount Annan where even the name is artificial and the first thing that had been built was the Shopping Mall. The Aussies, the Asians and the Muslims.

It was only a matter of time for these riots to break out.

Australia has a huge immigration and therefore rasism problem. The first sparks of hatret were ignitet by Pauline Hanson and her Australia Now party some years ago. she was constantly babbling things like "Australia for Australians" and other populist rubbish. Her political carrer is over, but the mean spirit still iives on.

The unempolyment rate in Australia is around 9 % (I need to check on that), it is not unusual for kids to get off high school and directly on unempolyment, wellfare or medicaid without help from their parents who are busy trying to pay the morgauge for their artificial suburban home. So they get pissed on VB to fuell their anger and blame it on somebody else that they can only find McJobs.

The rest is in the papers.

Oh, and that just for Sydney, just wait 'till I tell you about Alice Springs aka Montgo


Hey! Stop following me around Planet Earth! I went to Sydney! I went to Alice Springs and Uluru! I went to Melbourne and Adelaide! Stop following me!

A long time ago ... to get the best seats on the planet to see Halley's Comet, so you can figure out when I was in Alice.

And I want so much to go again. I found the Australian people to be wonderful, thoughtful, politically sophisticated (they invented the Nuclear Free Pacific movement), as well as adventurous, funny, anti-Puritanical, entertaining, joyful.

They have a rough, miserable, unpleasant history to live down. They were dragged to Australia in chains as (mostly Irish) prisoners. And then a genocide of the First Peoples who'd been there for 10,000 years before the Euros came. And then a century of anti-Asian bigotry after Asians were first imported for cheap labor.

I won't say they've successfully overcome all that. But they're aware of all the ethical and moral dimensions of the worst of their history, and they've grown some ethical giants in Australia -- Dr. Helen (Mary Broinowski) Caldicott, the world's passionate soul trying to warn us of the sickness and doom of nuclear weapons. The organization she founded, Physicians for Social Responsibility, grew into International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, which won the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize.

Pauline Hanson is a temporary pustule of a recurrent racist infection in Australian politics and society. I wish to Christ that when she had her year of political fame and influence, more mainstream professional politicians had spoken out more angrily against the sickness she was pandering to in Australian society. But I think, like most elected politicians everywhere, they wanted to test the wind and see how successful her racist xenophobic ideas were with the voters. That's the tragedy and the tragic legacy of the short-lived Pauline Hanson and her Australia First Party.

Isn't this an attractive invitation from Australia First as Pauline's legacy continues:


Australian Youth And Families
Should Support The Cronulla
Mass Mobilisation On December 11

After months of racial taunts, threats and violence against Australian youth and families in the Cronulla area of Sydney - courtesy of gangs of Middle Eastern youths - a mass reaction has erupted right outside of the rules and forms of normal politics.Tired of being fobbed off by police commanders and local politicians, Australian youth took the matter into their own hands. It is the likely case that on Sunday, December 11, hundreds if not thousands of Australian youth and family people, will occupy the Cronulla beach area as an effective demonstration of solidarity with the victims of anti-Australian race hate and violence.

This demonstration is proper and should be supported by all residents and patriotic people.

The response of the Premier of the State, a man steeped in what is called multiculturalist ideology, was to call for a massive police presence to avert violence between angry Australians and the Middle Eastern gangs. Indeed, the participants should observe restraint and offer self-defence only if attacked. It is the very fact they will appear in great numbers, as living testimony to the rightful method of mass action, which will for this day at least, cow the hatemongers and show this Premier and those who stand with him, they are no longer intimidated by an ideology and policy that is now generally hated and loathed by the Australian people.

All members and friends of Australia First, particularly those in the Sutherland Shire, will participate as individuals in this first great mobilisation of Australians against the terror of multiculturalist ideology and practise in this country's history.


Well, only Vleeptron is free of political slides to the racist right. Only Vleeptron is without racial prejudice, only Vleeptron is overflowing with respect and brotherhood and sisterhood, only Vleeptron has completely decriminalized drugs and adopted the medical model of treatment and harm reduction, and nearly emptied all its prisons.

Unfortunately, the Zeta Beam is broken again this month, so we're all stuck on this fuckin' Third Rock out from Sol. With Pauline and with Haider and Berlusconi and Bush and Blair and the Myanmar military junta and the Singapore hangman and the California executioner who's preparing a lethal injection for Stanley Tookie Williams any moment now.

If Vleeptron can't get new parts for the ZB, the people of Earth are just gonna have to take control of their sovereign nations and make 'em Straighten Up And Fly Right. My guess is ... my sincere best guess based on the wonderful long talks I had with Australians ... is that this skinhead race riot crap is making them profoundly ashamed and embarrassed -- on a level much deeper than just worry that this will queer the next couple of years of tourism.

It's certainly, as they say these days, a Teachable Moment for Australian politics, its spiritual community (nice that the nice Archbishop woke up out of his coma and said something), a call for Australia's Best Souls to offer their leadership.

Or as S.W.M.B.O. is fond of saying:

"Oh, great,
another fucking opportunity
for personal growth."


Here from November 2003 un petit bonbon from a Nazi-reeking website:


Pauline Hanson Freed - conviction quashed-
Freed Hanson vows to fight injustice

Pauline Hanson vowed to be a champion of the wrongly imprisoned after a court quashed her and One Nation co-founder David Ettridge's convictions for electoral fraud. Queensland Chief Justice Paul de Jersey told a stunned Brisbane courtroom the Court of Appeal had acquitted both Ms Hanson and Mr Ettridge.

They had served 11 weeks in jail [Vleeptron giggles] since a Brisbane District Court jury found them guilty on August 20 and they were sentenced to three years in prison without parole. Ms Hanson and Mr Ettridge embraced soon after their release from prison in Brisbane.

She said she had been astounded by the support she had received while she was inside. "I've had thousands of letters from the public not only from Australia but from Poland, New Zealand, England, America and Canada."

But an appeal court comprising Justice de Jersey, Queensland Court of Appeal president Margaret McMurdo and Supreme Court judge Geoffrey Davies ordered their acquittal.

They will not face a retrial.

The decision was greeted by stunned silence in the courtroom before a single supporter in the public gallery broke into applause.

But the appeal court found the prosecution's case was flawed.

Ms Hanson's sister Judy Smith said outside court she was still angry the former One Nation leader had been jailed in the first place. "Why did it go to trial, that's what I want to know," Mrs Smith said. "The Australian people should be asking please explain. This has cost taxpayers millions of dollars."

One Nation NSW MP David Oldfield, who fell out with Ms Hanson, said he was pleased she and Mr Ettridge had been released and they should seek compensation.

"It was a terrible, terrible scenario they were in jail at all," he said.

[don't bother, it's a File Not Found 404]

Ignorance is no excuse. Those who repeat the litany of white guilt hogwash will not stop until they have invalidated Europeans' civil rights and our voice is eradicated. We must oppose them at every opportunity.


From the always reliable Wikipedia:


On 20 August 2003, a jury convicted Hanson of electoral fraud and she was sentenced to three years imprisonment by the Supreme Court of Queensland for falsely claiming that 500 support group members were genuine paid up members of One Nation, in order to register it as a political party and apply for electoral funding from the state of Queensland. She was thereby found to have dishonestly obtained two cheques worth AUD$498,637 from Queensland's electoral commission as electoral funds. Justice Wolfe accepted that Hanson had paid back the funding but said electoral processes must not be perverted, and made a finding that Hanson had gained unfair electoral advantage by "misrepresenting" 500 voters. Hanson's initial reaction to the verdict was - "Rubbish, I'm not guilty. It's a joke."

On 6 November 2003, the appeal court quashed and set aside the convictions of both Hanson and Etteridge [2]. The court's unanimous decision was that:

* the (more than) 500 persons on the list in fact were members of the party;

* that even if they had not been, they were clearly at least members of a closely related party, which was sufficient under the Electoral Act 1992 to make the registration legal;

* the failure of the trial judge to refer to this point of law (regarding related parties) in summing up was by itself sufficient to quash the conviction;

* in light of these points there was no need to rule on the appellants many other points of appeal; and

* in view of setting aside this conviction, Hanson's conviction for property fraud (in receiving the cheques from the Electoral Commissioner after registration), being "subsidiary" to this conviction, was automatically overturned.

The court also criticised the public comments made about the case by a number of prominent politicians on both sides of the political spectrum, and also considered that had the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions been better resourced, "the present difficulty may well have been avoided" (in light of accompanying statements about the paucity of Crown evidence, presumably they mean the case would never have been prosecuted).

The justices did not comment on whether Hanson is entitled to be repaid the AUD$498,637 which she had repaid to the Electoral Commissioner.

In January 2004, Hanson announced that she would not return to politics. [3]

Attempted return to politics

On 15 September 2004, Hanson announced that she would be standing as an independent candidate for the seat of Queensland in the Senate in the October 9 election. She declared, "I don't want all the hangers on. I don't want the advisers and everyone else. I want it to be this time Pauline Hanson."

She was ultimately unsuccessful, receiving only 30% of the required quota of primary votes, and didn't pick up enough additional support through preferences.

Appearance on Dancing With The Stars

In late 2004 during her election campaign, Hanson competed in the Australian Reality TV show Dancing With The Stars on the Seven Network. In the show a number of Australian celebrities compete against one another in ballroom dancing. Hanson made it to the final, surprising many in Australian politics and media as she advanced due to audience support in SMS voting, but lost to former Home And Away star Bec Cartwright.


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