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12 December 2005

Pride goeth before destruction and an haughty spirit before a fall.

Fooey, the Barcelona footy riot doesn't display
anymore. Here's another one. The home team,
North Korea, lost 2-0 to Iran in March 2005.
This is the disappointed fans surrounding
the Iran team's bus in Pyongyang. (BBC)

On the political chatrooms of Internet Relay Chat -- the Internet's version of AM radio talk/chat/phone-in programs -- Americans and English-speakers, I guess from Canada and the UK, expressed their disgust and dismay against Arab immigrants who were rioting through the slums of French cities in late October and November. The suggestions were thick that these were things white Euros and Christians and English speakers would never do. Caucasian Christians never riot. We are too well-brought-up, we are too civic, we are far too restrained and disciplined and intelligent and law-abiding ever to do anything like that.

Pride goeth before destruction,
and an haughty spirit before a fall.

-- Proverbs 16:18


The Daily Telegraph (UK)
Monday 12 December 2005

Second night of violence
in Sydney

Scores of youths have driven through beachside suburbs in Sydney smashing windows of stores, homes and apartments, in a second night of race rioting.

[image] Rioting in Sydney / The riots were organised by neo-Nazi groups

The riots first broke out in Cronulla, on Sunday when a mob of 5,000 white men, many of them drunk, attacked men they believed were of Middle Eastern descent. The men were retaliating for the the assault of two volunteer lifeguards by youths of Lebanese descent, although police said there was no apparent racial motive.

Police said the riots were organised by mobile phone text messages and encouraged by neo-Nazi groups.

The violence continued after dark on Monday night when two dozen car loads of youths rampaged through the city chased by hundreds of police vehicles and a helicopter.

Paul Bugden, a spokesman for New South Wales police said that six people had been arrested.

On Sunday, police arrested 16 rioters and said 31 people were injured, including a man who was stabbed in the back by a man they said was "of Arab appearance."

John Howard, the prime minister, called the violence "sickening," but said he did not accept that there was "underlying racism" in Australia.

Anti-Muslim sentiment has grown in the country since the September 11 terror attacks and the Bali bombings in October 2002 in which 202 people, 88 of them Australian, were killed.

Around 300,000 Muslims live in Australia, the majority in lower income suburbs of large cities.

Christian leaders also condemned the violence. Cardinal George Pell, the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, said that, "All people of goodwill should reject the extremists in both camps and work together so that this is the end of major disturbances, not the beginning of something worse."

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Anonymous patfromch said...

The Greater Sydney Area is one of the most rapidly expanding regions I have ever seen. For a contry boy like me this was most fascinating, but it must be every city planner's nightmare.
About ten years ago, rural towns like Camden or Campelltown were about a good hour's drive away from the city center.
Since a new highway and a new tunnel have been built this destance has been reduced to half an hour which of course means easier access to the suburbs. And they are growing like mad. Model homes are cheap, and an artificial suburb can be built with astonishing speed. I've seen it and it's not a pretty sight.
And who wants to live in Sydney anyway ? The Inner city is allright, but quarters like Liverpool, Parramatta or Redfern are not places where you wanna raise kids nowdays.
So they all move to these new artificial suburbs like Mount Annan where even the name is artificial and the first thing that had been built was the Shopping Mall. The Aussies, the Asians and the Muslims.
It was only a matter of time for these riots to break out.
Australia has a huge immigration and therefore rasism problem. The first sparks of hatret were ignitet by Pauline Hanson and her Australia Now party some years ago. she was constantly babbling things like "Australia for Australians" and other populist rubbish. Her political carrer is over, but the mean spirit still iives on.
The unempolyment rate in Australia is around 9 % (I need to check on that), it is not unusual for kids to get off high school and directly on unempolyment, wellfare or medicaid without help from their parents who are busy trying to pay the morgauge for their artificial suburban home. So they get pissed on VB to fuell their anger and blame it on somebody else that they can only find McJobs.
The rest is in the papers.
Oh, and that just for Sydney, just wait 'till I tell you about Alice Springs aka Montgo

Anonymous patfromch said...

OK, let us move into the Red Center or the Dead Heart as the Aborigniees call it.
If it wasn't for the Uluru, the King's Canyon and other tourist attractions just around the corner, Alice Springs would just be another roadhouse along the Stewart Highway in the middle of the desert
I like Alice. Lots of nice places, shops, museums and pubs. You can stroll down Todd Lane, get yourself a Krantzky and head for Todd's Tavern for a few schooners of VB with the mates. There is a lot of interesting and eccentric folk in town, lots of old hippies, dropouts and other loonies. And tourists. Tourists by the bloody lot. Nice town, just make sure you don't stay there too long.
Otherwise a walk down Todd Lall will feel like Montgomery 1954.
Racial segregation is still in full effect in Alice, even without signs saying WHITES ONLY.
I have never felt so much hatred coming from both sides, be it white or aboriginal. They loathe each other, and at least the Aborigneees have good reasons. Their land got taken away, their kids were stolen from them in the 60s, there are no jobs, just wellfare, depression, violence and alcoholism. Of course there are exeptions to the rule, but they are marginal. Life is not easy when you get labelled with terms like "abbo" or "metho brother" or "blackfella".
What I found most disgusting was that some aboriginees even play along the whitie game and perform their songlines and recieve a carton of beer instead of money. Famous and Dandy. like Amos and Andy.
The wihtes are pissed of as well. At least they think they have the right to be pissed off
They respect aboriginal culture, the thing with the rainbow serpent and all, but they just can't stand the sight of a shitfaced drunk aboriginal lying in the park because they know their cultrure is responsible for it, but they can't or don't want to think of a way to change this miserable affair. Most of them are even to lazy to think about it.
It is not likely that this problem will be soved in the near future.
Welcome to the 21st Century.
Modern Times indeed


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