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29 December 2005

back to South America, back to Fruit

View from a webcam at the South Pole,
Wednesday 28 December 2005 21:59:34 (GMT?)

Hola a todos en mi mass email lista,

No I'm not in PA Pennsylvania, I'm back in PA Punta Arenas. We arrived here this morning after a fairly mellow Drake Passage crossing. I didn't receive any sheet burns from the rocking boat while I slept. The whole cruise was a great experience for me. I have been resting some parts of my brain for the last couple of years, and I got to excercise them a fair bit working with the computers and electronics. I'll spend a couple of weeks in Mexico now, then a month in Alaska, and then ready for my next cruise in March.

It's also great to be in PA, there are trees and grass and a hot sun during the day. I took 3 hours this afternoon to buy batteries for the boat, it could have been a 30 minute trip, but my legs needed the stretching. I ate grapes and melon and enjoyed it a lot since we ran out of good fresh fruit a week or so ago.

Well, thank you all for reading my mass emails and sending me news and messages from the real world. Since I am disembarking in a few days, please send any new emails to my ****** address. After Jan. 1, any mail to me on the ship will be bounced back to you. Oh, and if you got a mail bounced back from the mail server in Denver during the last few days, sorry 'bout that. It wasn't my fault, I promise.

Happy New Year all,

-- dan

Dan Elsberg
Marine {Computer/Instrument} Specialist
Antarctic Research/Supply Vessel L.M.Gould

Current Position (Lat +N/-S, Lon +E/-W):

- 53.28, - 67.14


Anonymous Jim Olson said...

Hey Bob:

Tell your nephew that he needs his own blog where we can all read about his adventures. I really, really enjoyed reading his dispatches from the bottom of the world. I imagine it was a bit like reading accounts of these things in serial form in the newspapers a hundred years ago. Since information is so immediately available, I think the world has lost most of its wonder and amazment at things...but going to Antarctica and knowing someone who knows someone who went is just damn cool. Hope you're having a great holiday season.


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