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27 December 2005

1st Day Issue: I Love My Love with an A


You can e-mail me your response in text form, or as your own stamp (.jpg format preferrred)

* Begin with

I Love My Love with
a(n) [Next Letter in alphabet]
because he's/she's

* a list of all previous Adjectives (must be typed from memory, not from reading the previous list)

* and finally, a new [adjective beginning with Next Letter]

If you want me to make a faux postage stamp of why you Love Your Love, you may also request a particular Monster to express its Love.

The Memorized List of Adjectives is subject to the Vleeptron PizzaQ Honor System. If you stumble and can't remember all the previous Adjectives, Leave A Comment specifying which Letter you screwed up on.


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