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27 December 2005

2 new words

l' Academie Vleeptronoise just invented two new words:

foxic (adj.), of or referring to a poisonous, sickening effect on individuals and human communities intentionally caused by the Fox News Channel.

foxin (noun), a poison or disease intentionally injected into the social and political community by the Fox News Channel.

Unfortunately then Vleeptron Googled, and it turns out these words have previously been invented. We found the first citation here.

This month, Fox has got a whole bunch of scorpions crawling around in its underpants about The War Against Christmas. (Maybe you never heard of this War. That's probably because Fox News made it up.) Vleeptron has no Comment to make about this. Watch Bill O'Reilly, if you have a really high tolerance for fascist assholes. Or Leave A Comment.

We would like to express our Disappointment, however, at the way Fox uses The Bill of Rights as toilet paper.

Oh well, only us Junior Geezers remember what happened to Walter Winchell and Senator Joe McCarthy. And Nixon and his Attorney General John Mitchell. The Attorney General went to prison. The Attorney General went to prison. The Attorney General went to prison. Big white rich Republican guy. He went to prison. Hahahaha. And Vice President Spiro Agnew, he pleaded guilty to federal tax felonies and taking cash bribes, he had to resign. And about twenty other officials of the Nixon administration. Prison, they all went to federal felony prison hahahaha.

People gonna get real tired of this scary mean-spirited loud racist torture bully flag up your butt crap pretty quick. People got tired of Mussolini. People got tired of Nixon, he had to leave. Clinton didn't have to leave. Hahahaha. That meiskeit fellated him AND he got to stay!


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