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17 November 2005

VLEEPTRON: Fair & Balanced about cop corruption in the War on Drugs

Miami Police Chief
John F. Timoney

Vleeptron went to and stuck

chief arrested

in their search engine.

Okay, let's be fair. Sometimes it's not the Police Chief selling dope.

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Pubdate: Thu, 03 Nov 2005
Source: Orlando Sentinel (FL)
Copyright: 2005 Orlando Sentinel


The 25-year-old son of Miami police Chief John Timoney was arrested in New York on charges of trying to buy 400 pounds of marijuana from an undercover federal agent, the Drug Enforcement Administration said Wednesday.

A court complaint said Sean Timoney of Philadelphia gave the agent a gym bag filled with about $450,000 in cash.

Timoney and Jae Seu, 23, of Glenside, Pa., were arrested Tuesday night in Spring Valley, said Elizabeth Jordan, a spokeswoman for the DEA in Manhattan. They were charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute a controlled substance.

The complaint said the defendants met in a hotel room with DEA agent Leonard Uller at 8:30 p.m. After handing over the cash as a "partial payment," they left the hotel room to inspect the purchased marijuana and were arrested, it said. The meeting had been arranged by Seu and Uller, according to the complaint.

Miami police said John Timoney was "aware of the arrest."


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