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06 November 2005

Sugarbush Squirrel, the Terrorist-Fightin' All-American Rodent!

Grateful again we are to U.B. von Berlin for bringing our attention to America's Most Patriotic Rodent, Sugarbush Squirrel.

Here Sugarbush Squirrel goes undercover in Afghanistan to hunt for Osama bin Ladin.

Where is Osama bin Ladin, by the way?

One problem that has occasionally been mentioned is that hospitality is a universal cultural value throughout the Muslim and Arab world. When a stranger asks for food and lodging, the Holy Quran commands every householder to offer it.

So wherever the hell Osama is, he has about 200,000 homes to spend the night in, with little fear that he might be betrayed during his stay.

What's wrong with those people? Who would give hospitality to Osama bin Ladin? Don't they realize we're bringing Freedom and Democracy to them?

And Christianity too. The Bush Administration has given the fast-track Green Light to American relief charities which are Evangelical Christian Missionaries to conduct their Bible-distributing and Christian proselytising activities in Iraq. That might have something to do with why Muslims offer shelter to Osama bin Ladin. Ya think?


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