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05 November 2005

l'Embarras des richesse

Click for Clarity!

Googling "Bush" "Hitler" for images
yields l'Embarras des richesse, and if filching and posting them all on Vleeptron were to become my Life's Work, we would all be here Until The Cows Come Home.

Many or most of these images are quite Crude -- but I have a fondness for Crude and certainly think Crude is in perfect harmony with our Historical Circumstances.

But some (IMHO) are quite clever and artistically sophisticated. Many, like this one, harken in style back to the propaganda images of both the Allies and the Axis during World War II.

Very cleverly -- we have seen similar styles and images so many tens of thousands of times in all our lives that the modern use of this old style instantly evokes deep emotional responses, disturbing our memories going back to early childhood of notions about Patriotism and Nationalism and Mass Obedience.

What I am specifically trolling for are large posters I saw on TV news broadcasts last night, posters put up all over the Argentine seaside resort of Mar del Plata during the hemispheric economic summit, which depicted Bush in Nazi uniform making the arm-upraised Heil Hitler salute. I tried trolling for it this morning on Undernet #argentina, but no suerte, no cigarro.

Anyway, Vleeptron's Fiesta de las Pinturas de HitlerBush continues all over downtown Ciudad Vleeptron and New Dwingeloo through the end of this year. This one dates from the USA presidential campaign of 2004.


Blogger U.B. said...

is it me who is the pervert ? Uwe


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