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23 October 2005

Nostrabobus Predicts: Up from the Fœtid Comment Sewers under Ciudad Vleeptron

President George W. Bush Jr.
Permanent National Memorial

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this blog is Evil. It's interesting, colorful, entertaining, smart, thoughtful ...
Do not read this blog. Read VLEEPTRON only.
Your eyes are getting sleepy.
Here, drink some more Blue Stuff.
The Evil iFlipFlop guy says these gas prices were
in Malibu California on 15 March 2006.
Can he see the future? Is he an Alien? Is he dating your little sister?
Maybe it's a typo. If it is, and he meant 2005,
I have no way of knowing whether he's lying or not.
He could be not wearing any clothes, how would we know?
Okay, the nozzle shut off, now insert your credit card
to pay for the -- HOLY SHIT!!!!!! HOW MUCH?????

jim olson said ...
Oh, but Bob, you forget that we have the Chimperor's personal assurance that he knows Harriet and that she is the same now as she was 20 years ago, and that she will not change once she is on the Bench.

Personally, I want a Justice who is willing to learn and grow into the job.

Bob Merkin said ...

He says he knows her heart. He also said he knows Vladimir Putin's heart, and he knows Vladimir's a Good Guy. He has amazing mystic powers.

Have a little pity on the guy. His House Majority Leader just got fingerprinted and had his mug shot taken on Texas felony charges. His Chief of Staff has spent the past month talking to a grand jury and may get indicted momentarily -- federal felony. Three times a week they take a poll to see how many people approve of the job he's doing, and them numbers have just been diving into the toilet lately.

And don't forget -- the hurricane itself wasn't his fault.

Well, here's the good news: No matter who the next president might be, we only have George W. Bush Jr. for 1187 more days.

Anonymous said...

George should be impeached. Found guilty of treason and lying to the American public during a War. And then face a firing squad.


Yo Anonymous -- thanks for dropping by. (If you've been dropping by regularly, but just clamming up and lurking, make a little more noise in the future. That goes for ALL you lurkers.)

Nostrabobus stands on a chair and gazes into the future, and doesn't see any impeachment in George's immediate future.

Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998 for allegedly lying about an extramarital sexual affair with a consenting adult. He was the first president to be impeached since Nixon in 1974; the only other president to be impeached was Andrew Johnson (Abraham Lincoln's vice-president) in 1868.

Nixon resigned before a Senate trial could begin. Both Clinton and Johnson were acquitted in their Senate trials.

In 1998, and today, both the House and Senate were Republican majorities.

Both houses were Democratic majorities when Nixon was impeached.

Nixon wasn't impeached for being fellated by someone other than his wife. He was impeached for allegedly participating in and covering up acts everyone recognizes as criminal and serious: breaking into and burglarizing private property, illegal warrantless phone buggings, obstruction of justice, and a general White House conspiracy to sodomize the presidential election of 1972.

The idiot had made secret tape recordings of his own conspiratorial Oval Office conversations, so there wouldn't have been a problem with evidence at trial. (That's when the phrase "the smoking gun" jumped into American politics.)

The House Judiciary Committee was considering one count against Nixon for his allegedly illegal conduct of the Vietnam War (the secret bombing of Cambodia), but that count failed to pass the Committee to be voted on by the full House.

If he'd gone to trial in the Senate, he wouldn't have had to defend himself against any aspect of his war conduct.

That's particularly instructive. Even Republicans who had up to that time been Nixon's political supporters voted with the Democrats to impeach him -- but both parties were very uncomfortable with voting to indict him for any war-related acts. And Congress is just as reluctant to interfere with Bush's broad war-making powers as it was to interfere with Nixon's.

When American troops are actively committed to foreign combat, voters will murder any Congressman or Senator perceived as meddling in the Commander-in-Chief's conduct of a war. The very few Democratic Congress members who criticized the Iraq war when Bush first began it were promptly thrown out of office.

In other words, in our lifetimes, a president can declare any war he wants, for any reasons he wants, and wage it any loopy and incompetent way he wants, and Congress will never exercise its Constitutional authority to call him to account for it. Every Senator and Congress member is desperate to keep his/her job for life, and voting against a commander-in-chief while there's a war on is one of the few ways an incumbent could lose his/her job. It's political suicide.

(World War II was the last American war that was waged with a formal Declaration of War by Congress -- a power the Constitution specifically gives Congress. All wars since then -- Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq 1, Iraq 2, etc., etc., etc, -- have been strictly White House jobs.)

That's the Bad News from Nostrabobus.

And now the Good News:

I think I just paid $2.67 a gallon for gas yesterday, and the mainstream media is routinely predicting gas will hit $3 a gallon.

That's going to be Bush's Permanent Legacy after January 2009:

The $3+ Gas Guy.

Followed by the government-assisted mass drowning and life-destruction of the citizens of New Orleans and the Gulf states, where how likely it was to die and how badly your life was destroyed was a function of skin color and economic status.

But by all means phone or write your Congressperson and demand Bush be impeached. It will have an effect. Your Congress member will interpret it correctly as a sign of voter outrage, and if the Congress member keeps voting Bush's way on everything and keeps kissing Bush's ass, you and your neighbors have given him/her very clear notice that you'll vote him/her out of office the next chance you get (November 2006).

There's every possibility, if the American voters get as ripshit and outraged as you are (and I am, and Jim O. is, etc.), we may get a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress again after the 2006 elections. If that happens, impeachment could be a very real possibility. Happened to Nixon, it could happen to Bush.

Whether he'd survive a Senate trial, or whether he'd have to hop the Marine helicopter and flee back to Texas ... hmmm, the mysts of my Crystal are very cloudy. Clear them up a little by making a phone call or sending an e-mail to your Senators and your Congressthing on Monday.

(They DO pay very close attention to those calls and letters. They're terrified of losing their jobs.)


Anonymous Jim Olson said...


That Anonymous comment was mine.

It was late and I wasn't paying attention.

Did you know it's actually a felony to say things like "the President should face a firing squad"?

Every time I fire of a curmudgeonly rant to the White House web site, I always give my full name, address, telephone number and work address. It makes it easier for the FBI or the Shadow Government to come cart me off.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

please feel free to continue to use Vleeptron's "POST ANONYMOUSLY? [x] YES [ ] NO" feature. If Anonymous gets really out of hand, like threatening to smear Senators Hillary Clinton and Diane Feinstein all over their nude bodies with Karo Syrup during fruit fly season, I may delete comments like that.

I've begun to suspect lately that George W. Bush has done plumb driven you around the bend. If he's really and truly driven you plumb around the bend ... how many other people were already there when you went around the bend? It's probably a scene very much like the New Orleans Convention Center four days after Hurricane Katrina hit. Does the Secret Service have enough agents to visit and interview EVERYBODY who loses it about W on the Web? How many Secret Service agents are there? Can they hire temps?

Maybe you can temporarily feel a little better by playing that game I posted where Bush is endlessly falling deeper and deeper toward previously unimagined depths of voter Unpopularity. He must hold the record by now since they've been taking Presidential Popularity Polls. Can you still be president if your Popularity Rating falls to below Zero, like, a Negative Popularity/Confidence rating? How does that work?

I'll post on this later, but developments in the last 3 days ... start buying your Syria War souvenirs now, or designing them to sell at rallies.

Anonymous Jim Olson said...

Oh indeed. I am completely disgusted with the government, with the media that lets them get away with it, and the 34% of Americans that still think that GWB is doing a good job.

The environment, social programmes, the tax structure, foreign policy, domestic policy, are all in such disarray. Forget the Supreme Court. All of these failures happened on his watch. Today (Sunday's) Doonesbury captured it perfectly. Half-way into his second term, all of this stuff going on is squarely the fault of this Republican administration, specifically the towering stupidity of the President and the truly evil conniving of his political advisers.

I am desperately praying for a frog-march out of the White House on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, when Special Prosector Fitzgerald hands down indictments.

Over on, we're planning Fitzmas/Fitzadan/Fitzucha parties for this week. I got me some champagne chillin' in the fridge. The absolute best would be that Cheney himself is indicted, but I'm not holding out my breath.

This bunch should be brought in front of the War Crimes tribunal in the Hague and tried in international court for Crimes Against Humanity. (Oh, wait, we didn't sign that treaty either...)

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

well i don't want anyone to think I'm discussing serious things seriously ... I guess I do now and then, don't I? Well, this is one of those moments, or I'm trying to make it one of those moments.

People should be tried for crimes against humanity based solely on the nature of the alleged crime.

But it really has never worked out that way in practice, since the notion of "crimes against humanity" became part of recognized world law at the Nuremberg War Trials of former officials of the Third Reich after the German surrender in 1945.

To be tried and punished for crimes against humanity unfortunately requires that there exist some power -- a coalition of nations, a superpower -- which is more powerful than the accused criminals. e.g., the Allied coalition at the end of World War II, USA, Soviet Union, Great Britain.

In his last years, Bertrand Russell, with the assistance of Jean-Paul Sartre, lent himself to a public war crimes trial (in London, I think) against high officials of the Nixon Administration over the Vietnam War. It was, of course, a show trial, a theater piece for the interested segments of the world media. I don't think Richard Nixon or Henry Kissinger lost much sleep over it.

Which is not to say it wasn't an endeavor of great significance. Thinking, educated people of the highest aspirations of ethics and humanity (and even some good newspapers) do pay a great deal of attention to the public statements and actions of people like Lord Russell and Sartre.

But of the actual "Eye on the Prize" -- seeing someone like Cheney or Bush or Rumsfeld or Condoleeza Rice actually have to sit in a big room while prosecutors and judges actually try to bring them to accountability for their actions -- with real prison time following a guilty verdict ............

For this ever to happen, there must first exist some Sovereign Entity or Coalition that detests what the USA and the UK have done, and this Entity must be more powerful, politically, economically and militarily, than the USA and the UK.

I don't know when in the future it will be possible or commonplace to try officials for crimes against humanity even if there isn't a Bigger Bully to compel the trial and punishment of the First Bullies. Balkans war criminals are slowly being apprehended and sent to the Hague because Western Europe -- the EU -- is refusing to welcome Balkans nations into the EU economic umbrella and eventual membership until they give up and hand over their alleged war criminals -- some of whom have been enjoying National Hero status for their activities in the Balkans during the 1990s.

What comparable pressure will anyone be able to bring to bear on the USA or the UK to get them to turn over Blair & Co. and Bush & Co. for trial and punishment?

Anonymous Jim Olson said...

Unfortunately, you are right, Bob. It's one of the reasons that Republicans in particular, but Democrats as well hold the UN in such contempt, and generally only play nice with the UN as it suits us. Were the UN to become truly a place where all Nations could rise up to abhor what the US has done in Iraq, and hold our government accountable, it would fulfill the worst fears of the Republicans.

Its also why I think the UN should be given juridical power over National leaders to sort these things out.


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