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NGO_Vleeptron (aka "Bob from Massachusetts") recently featured LIVE on BBC WORLD SERVICE, heard briefly by Gazillions!!!

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09 September 2005


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Blogger pat's pub said...

say, did you leave the name of the artist on purpose or was that a mistake ? even an Idiot like me can google that out....
You sent me on the wrong track, I had asked if this has something to do with math....

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

yes yes, you asked me if it was a math(s) thing.

did you notice that I didn't answer?

the thingamabob was so beautiful, and it involved so much thought and so much hard labor to create, that I couldn't post the image without crediting its creator immediately.

often Vleeptron is a little lackadaisical about Recognizing Intellectual Property. We try to be Good about it. The whatchamacallit hint, we will credit its creator after somebody wins this PizzaQ. really we will.

(We don't feel quite as guilty about filching a story from Reuters. We're not stealing much bread from the mouths of Mr. Reuters' grandmother and little children.)

but What The Heck Is This refers only to the first image of the many squiggles. What The Heck Is This? So google all you want, but you still haven't told me: What The Heck Was This?

aren't you the guy who e-mailed me a long time ago and said: MORE MATH!


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